2011.01.03 - 07:10PM
1: Through Aisha's Eyes

Hi there. I also like Adric. Just one thing caught my eye wrong near the end. The scarf was the 4th doctors, not the third's. Doctor three had that car and was stuck on Earth for a while. That said, I liked your take on the whole Adric thing here with him being a ghost. I wrote one, called In Which The Doctor Breaks the Law, where he does go back, as the 10th, and save him just before the freighter blows. He just can't take him back to the doctor he knew. Nice write here though. :D

Author's Response: Someone else has pointed this out. It\'s a bit confusing but the Forth Doctor is technically the \'third regeneration\', as the First Doctor was born instead of regenerating from a previous form. I know my canon. ^^ And to be honest, within canon I do think that Ten is the likeliest to go back and save the poor guy. I\'ve a one-shot Ten and Adric fic coming up soon. :)

2009.11.15 - 02:48PM
1: Through Aisha's Eyes

I wasn't sure how to write to you but I love Adric too. That said, you sure write ALOT about him. I"m not sure about your timeline and having them all separate makes it confusing for me. I'm also not sure I like that he changes form so much but I do like other chracters that do that and it makes sense that he can do that. In any event, I've written some Adric stuff too: http://www.whofic.com/stories.php?action=viewstories and I also recommend:


2008.07.29 - 05:10PM
1: Through Aisha's Eyes

Nice idea. I especially like the idea that Adric can turn into any shape he likes - like a roundel - but returns to his own at night. I def think he'd haunt the TARDIS - in a nice way.

Author's Response: Yeah, I thought if he was gonna haunt he should be able to disguise himself. But he loves being who he is shape-wise. And it helps to have arms to do maths. xD As we find out later there are a few things he can\'t become. And of course he would, he\'s too damn stubborn to just DIE. xD