Reviews For Half Human

2011.05.15 - 08:25PM
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The last two lines make the story. Oh dear. "Be you later" -- !

2010.11.03 - 01:15AM
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Very interesting and depthy story. I adored the line "He had wondered as a child if the left side was the human side. How naive he had been back then". Cheers, james

2010.06.18 - 02:18PM
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Oh my goodness, that was amazing!

2010.04.14 - 07:29PM
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Here via Calufrax. This was very well done. It reminded me of a Robert Heinlein story, which is a very great compliment in my opinion. I really wasn't expecting the ending, which is about all you can ask of any story.

2010.04.14 - 06:30AM
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Here by way of Calufrax.

Wow. Perilously close to an "All You Zombies" moment. It must have broken Eight's heart, and yet, it makes perfect sense.

I love that I didn't quite know where it was going until the line "Be you later." And then all the pieces fell into place all at once. That kind of reveal is tricky, and you pulled it off flawlessly. Brava!

2005.06.23 - 07:09PM
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I love how you treated this. I have always been curious and toyed with touching this subject in story, but always got hung up on the biology and genetics discussion. Lovely. I hope you will revisit. You have a sensitivity. I'd like to see this explored further.

2005.04.14 - 11:31AM
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That was quite beautiful

Jay Jay Vert
2005.03.17 - 02:37PM
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Complete genius. I always wondered where Susan came from... I guess i'll have to continue wondering!

2005.03.13 - 11:26PM
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Brilliant ... if a little twisted ;)

2004.10.31 - 02:10AM
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Very interesting ... I must admit I find it a little confusing, but perhaps I'm just not up on my 1st Doctor trivia :)