2009.07.26 - 02:57AM
5: If They Had Honeymoons Here, This One Would be Over

So...no chance of finding out how this one ends, huh? Anything I can bribe you with to finish it? Please?

2009.07.26 - 02:37AM
3: I Traveled in Time and Space and All I Got Was This Lousy T-shirt

I'm late to the party per usual, but god I love your stories. They're so true to the characters, so romantic and sweet, and FUNNY - I rarely laugh out loud at fic, but you have me rolling.

2009.05.19 - 11:40AM
5: If They Had Honeymoons Here, This One Would be Over

Oh please please don't stop writing this series!!!

2009.05.10 - 08:28AM
1: Unexpected Visitors, Terrestrial and Not So Much

Excellent, I've really enjoyed the way you write this pairing. It would be great if you could finish the series ;-)

2008.11.14 - 08:40PM
5: If They Had Honeymoons Here, This One Would be Over

Oh, so glad to see this full chapter up! And Maria's in a box! With Thalira! Sarah and the Doctor better get a move-on with their rescuing . . . and I loved how Sarah was the one to get the gadget to start working.

2008.08.21 - 07:54AM
4: The Doctor Always Cries at Weddings

This is an amazing piece of fiction!
More soon please, the suspense is killing me!

Author's Response: Thanks!

2008.08.20 - 09:21PM
4: The Doctor Always Cries at Weddings

Another great chapter. The random conversation at the table about Zaphod Beeblebrox (wonderfully done), the fight, the way the Doctor offered friendship and understanding -- and some ribbing about companions who wander off -- loved it all. But now something's gone wrong . . . looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: No one will ever convince me that the world of Doctor Who and the world of Hitchhiker are different worlds. They all know each other. They have adventures together. We just don\'t see them. :) It makes me very happy that you got the reference. I even put in the pan galactic bit just because I was worried the other stuff was too vague of an allusion.

2008.08.20 - 08:56PM
3: I Traveled in Time and Space and All I Got Was This Lousy T-shirt

Okay, I've just been reading and enjoying and not stopping to review, but now before I go on to the next chapter I just have to tell you how great the moment with the pink sailor's suit was! I still have a smile on my face. (And too bad the Andy Pandy overalls wouldn't have been there for Maria to find, because those were *really* blackmail material.) I really like this relationship you've created between Sarah and Maria, and the Doctor is well done, too -- and it's great to see them back on Peladon.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing and I\'m glad you\'re enjoying the story. Those Andy Pandy overalls are my all time favorite Sarah outfit. I like to think that they are tucked away safely in a box under her bed. I actually think Sarah Jane and Maria have a very similar, bizarre fashion sense. In Invasion of the Bane, when one\'s wearing burgundy tights and the other lavender, I just thought they were perfect for one another.