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10: Day Two

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2010.03.14 - 11:48PM
10: Day Two

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Author's Response: I haven\'t written anything in months! I am however trying to get back in the swing of things. I\'ll probably have something soon, but nothing on this for a while I should expect. Sorry converse! :(

2009.08.21 - 10:00PM
10: Day Two

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Author's Response: Glad you\'re still enjoying it! And some chapters just refuse to be written, don\'t they. Thanks for sticking with it. xxxx

2009.08.21 - 09:44PM
10: Day Two

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Author's Response: Thank you so much for sticking with this Converse. And I\'m so glad you\'re still enjoying it. Bucketfuls of love. xxxx

2009.08.21 - 12:34PM
10: Day Two

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Author's Response: Thanks Ree. Glad you\'re staying with it too! xx

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Author's Response: Glad you\'re liking it (is it Lana? I can\'t remember! D:). More coming sooner than before, I hope! xxxx

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Author's Response: So glad you enjoyed it Ree! I promise I\'ll offer up some new stuff soon. xxx

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9: Day One

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Author's Response: So long as you\'re not missing out on any fic, then it\'s all okay! I\'m glad this is appealing to you.

2009.07.13 - 07:11AM
9: Day One

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Author's Response: It is indeed! But it may be the solution to their problems (ooh, spoiler! XD). xx

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Author's Response: Oh converse you ask questions I cannot answer! (I mean, of course I can because I have the entire plot set out in exact detail, *coughcough*). And I\'m very very glad you enjoyed it! I promise not to leave it so long for you next time. xxxxx

2009.07.13 - 05:50AM
6: Revelations and Communications

Why does the TARDIS call the Doctor Theta?

Author's Response: I just didn\'t think \'Doctor\', an assumed name, was quite right for the TARDIS to call her Lord. So I abused the name \'Theta\', for which I shamedly apologise.

2009.07.13 - 04:20AM
9: Day One

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Author's Response: Oh I\'ve never loved you more Nightmare. I\'m glad this is making you happy, considering all the fab stuff you throw my way. Kisses times a million. xxx

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Author's Response: Frin I adore you! I promise I\'ll give you some more soon. xxx

2009.05.08 - 01:02AM
8: Decisions, Decisions

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Author's Response: Ellie promises Frin she\'ll write something very very soon. She can\'t resist the eyes! xxx

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7: Coffee Can't Keep You Safe

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Author's Response: I have a nice couple of weeks where I\'ll cram in some writing, and then all of the summer holidays!