2012.06.11 - 11:22PM
1: Epilogue

I came across the website last night and your stories were the first I decided to read. I loved this series. So beautiful, erotic, and realistic! You're a brilliant writer! I so miss the 10th doctor and Rose. I'm not fond of Smith at all.

Author's Response: Oh, Thank you for reading and enjoying these, and caring enough to leave a review....they were my very first efforts at fanfic, and I wasn\'t sure if they were good enough! I miss Ten and Rose too...still not completely convinced by Eleven... Oh, I\'m not brilliant at all - there are MUCH better writers than me out there...try ThroughAnAmberFocus. Now SHE IS a brilliant writer :)) x

2009.02.21 - 11:22PM
1: Epilogue

:) you are probably the only author on Teaspoon that's managed to make me laugh and cry every single time I read one of your fanfictions.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you :) That is praise indeed! Glad you like my little meanderings of the mind ;D

2008.09.02 - 03:25AM
1: Epilogue

Can I just say that I read somewhere that someone printed this whole run. I too have printed copies. I love most of your stuff. You have a wide range and I love, love the raunchy nmine stuff too!!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you love :) It\'s quite staggering that people like the stuff I do enough to have printed copies of it ! As long as someone keeps reading, I\'ll keep writing :D

2008.08.30 - 04:51PM
1: Epilogue

I love this whole series! And i loved the ending... best last line i think i've ever read! Well done!

xx Rose xx

Author's Response: Thank you, I\'m so pleased you liked these, my first attempts at writing fanfic. It was a bit nerve-wracking posting them, cos I didn\'t think they were that good...however all the amazing reviews i\'ve had have encouraged me to continue on. Lesley xx

2008.08.24 - 03:50AM
1: Epilogue

Oh, that last line... Perfect! My heart still breaks for Ten though, even as Ten2 makes the most of his forever with Rose.
I officially love your style, the narration was wonderful with just enough description. Thank you!

Author's Response: My heart is still with Ten too, but I\'m having such a good time writing about Ten2. :) Thank you, I\'m so pleased you like this :D

2008.07.12 - 04:54AM
1: Epilogue

I absolutely loved this. ^-^ it was so cute and hot and the ending was just utter sweetness! *favs*

Author's Response: Oh, thanks a lot - really glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for adding to your faves *hugs*

2008.07.11 - 09:03PM
1: Epilogue

Nice :) Sweet, beautiful and HOT!!! VERY Nice!

And the baby has my name! XD (lol, yeah random...)

Author's Response: Always happy to oblige lol... was a lot of fun to write. The poor baby didn\'t even have a name until the final draft of this - Human!Ten\'s nickname for her of Her Majesty suddenly presented me with Victoria (also as a previous companion it just seemed to fit)...suppose it had to be really, and I don\'t remember reading another fic with that name used for his child, I wanted to be a little different. As you\'ve been my most consistent reviewer it seems fitting that she\'s named after you too :D x