2008.07.15 - 06:03PM
1: Chapter 7

I really like it when Rose takes care of the Doctor, the way she did here. You've written them both so well - love it! :)

Author's Response: I think that she would be like that with him, knowing what he\'s been through and now trapped as a human. Thanks, I\'m happy you love these little fics of mine :)

2008.07.11 - 12:38PM
1: Chapter 7

That's so sweet :) Poor clone!Ten feels so mixed up just now, he just needs some lovin'! XD

Author's Response: And I\'ll happily volunteer for that job *grins wickedly as she pulls his head tightly to her chest* ;D

2008.07.11 - 11:31AM
1: Chapter 7

Angst Alert! But I liked it! Well done.

Author's Response: Thanks - sorry for all the angst in this series, but i\'m having a bit of an angsty crisis with last weeks finale. It will get better, promise :)