2008.07.18 - 07:46AM
: None

You want him. I want you and you still want him. We both want the TARDIS. He has the TARDIS and he wants you. None of us got we wanted, did we?

Rose stands perfectly still. If she moves she will shatter just like the statue lying on the floor in pieces. If she so much as breathes she will dissolve into nothing.

He is breathing hard. I never thought Id have to choose between you and my life, he says finally. He took our choices away. Decided everything and left us to it. And Donna... his voice breaks and he looks around for something else to throw.

Oh, but this just had me with tears streaming and my heart hurting for half-human Doctor.

Beautifully done!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you!

2008.07.17 - 11:13PM
: None

I'm enjoying this. I like that while it's not completely angst-ridden, it's not easy sailing for them either.

Author's Response: I\'m trying to be realistic - it\'s not like they jump into bed the minute they get home or anything! But they do know and love each other, so it\'s a balance.

2008.07.17 - 12:26PM
1: Chapter 1

This is absolutely lovely along with the first story of the series.I am soooo loving this!Please,tell me you are going to continue with this?Pretty please?*does puppy dog eyes*

Author's Response: Thanks! I am going to continue on, as a matter of fact!

2008.07.15 - 11:04PM
: None

Oh I love this. I love the hugging and the twirling and the fluffy happiness after the yelling. He's "her" doctor. *sigh*

And no tea with Jackie, fat chance. lol

Author's Response: Yes, he is \"her\" doctor. We\'re all still a little confused about it,that\'s all. I needed some fluff and happy after all that angst.

2008.07.14 - 06:25PM
: None

I dunno. He looks around vaguely and Rose feels a sudden urge to kick him in the shins. Uh...socks?


Love it so far, please continue (:

Author's Response: Thanks! It was just tooooo easy to picture him in a department store, being told he needs clothes when it\'s the last thing he\'s worried about.

2008.07.11 - 07:01AM
1: Chapter 1

Lovely, this and the first story in the series. I love how it's hard for her to understand that they are the same person, but is comming to terms with it. I think it echoes how the fans feel.

Author's Response: Thanks! I\'m still coming to terms with it, myself, along with just about everybody else.