Reviews For Days Hence

2012.10.23 - 08:16AM
1: Chapter 1

Oh goodness; can I dare hope that there will be more to this story? I mean, it's actually keeping me from working, but I don't want to do that paperwork anyway, so, if you please, consider continuing this story?

2011.11.13 - 11:31PM
1: Chapter 1

Oh I love this fic!
It's been such a long time since an update that I'm not really expecting one, but I still really hope this will be continued someday :)

2011.08.03 - 04:32PM
46: Chapter 46

Wow, I just read this story and didn't even realize that it was written 2 years ago! I guess I can't expect an ending after all this time, can I? Regardless, beautiful story- I loved it :)

2010.12.13 - 11:58AM
10: Chapter 10

OH. MY. GOODNESS. I love you. You gave the Doctor a degree from Emory?! Ahh...that's where I went! That is now absolutely canon in my brain.

Annnnd I'm so glad I stumbled across this whole thing. So much for starting a new novel. This is utterly fantastic and engrossing.

Author's Response: Wow. It\'s so weird that you reviewed this today- I was thinking earlier that I should try to finish this at some point (it\'s only been a year and change since I last wrote for it, ya know). Thank you for the review!

2009.08.21 - 05:39PM
46: Chapter 46

Wow I can't believe you finally updated xD
Cool chapter, though it's sad that the space hamster died ):

2009.07.17 - 01:32AM
46: Chapter 46

Oh, I was so glad to see an update, I've missed this story so much! I was sad to read about Spot's demise (in my mind, she was running around in the ductwork of Torchwood, having numerous adventures) but I really enjoyed the interactions between the Doctor and Rose.

2009.07.15 - 08:44PM
46: Chapter 46

Hurrah! I did a double-take when I got the notice of an update. Thanks for taking up the story again and working towards an ending.

2009.07.15 - 02:11PM
46: Chapter 46

It may have been a while, but definitely not lame. Not even a little bit! I love your Doctor and Rose and their nuanced, believable relationship. And the Spot situation was just cute!

2009.07.15 - 12:23AM
46: Chapter 46

I nearly did cartwheels when I saw the update email for this!!!!!
I love this story.
Poor Splot - I'm glad they are going to protect her eggs.

2009.07.14 - 06:47PM
46: Chapter 46

Oh, I am SO GLAD you're writing this again! I *love* this fic!
Poor Splot, she was the most loved space hamster ever. Also, poor Rose, for dead-hamster hands in her hair. And, Doctor, exactly what part of don't-act-like-a-couple-at-work did you take to mean hold-Rose-and-call-her-honey-in-front-of-your-boss? Can't wait to see what you've got in store for them next!

2009.07.14 - 06:28PM
46: Chapter 46

Sad and funny chapter all at the same time. I love the Doctor's insecurities. Did I mention how much I've missed this story? Because I really, really have.

2009.07.14 - 06:20PM
45: Chapter 45

Oh, you're writing it again. I love this story so much. Off to read the next chapter.

2009.05.11 - 05:01PM
45: Chapter 45

oh my! I just read through this in one go and GOD I love this! Please, please update again!

I love your description of Tenē and how their relationship develops and changes and how the Doctor reflects on how Rose has changed too and ... oh well ... love it.

This is one of my all time favourites!

Author's Response: thank you! :D

2009.03.21 - 08:33PM
45: Chapter 45

An update! xD

Author's Response: and another. only 6 months later, and a year after i started it...

2009.03.14 - 01:45AM
45: Chapter 45

Love this story. I feel for Rose and the Doctor, it was so hard for him learning to be human and rose trying not to see him as the other doctor... But they finally have got together.

I was wondering if you were going to continue thier story, loved to hear it...

Great story...

Author's Response: In fits and starts... i\'ve deleted more than i\'ve written...