Reviews For A Custom Vehicle

2018.08.28 - 03:25PM
6: Chapter 6

"A fine British man is all he ever wanted to be." Picturing the Brig's face at this line had me in stitches. This is the kind of line that I would rewind and watch continually while laughing my head off. You really have these characters down so incredibly well. It truly is just like watching a Three era episode/story. Thank you!!

2012.01.18 - 05:54PM
6: Chapter 6

Yay Prim! I just blasted through the whole thing. Wow! Every time you write Three, the more I like him. Thanks for a fun ride!

Author's Response: Who can pass up a ride with Three involved? Thanks for having fun along with me.

2011.04.21 - 01:43AM
6: Chapter 6

This is brilliant; just like watching an episode. I can see it all happening so clearly. My favorite bits are when Jo goes back in to save the animals (so her!) and when Three does the "Pertwee Eyes of Crazy" at her.

Author's Response: The Pertwee Eyes of Crazy are a phenomena in their own class... and yes, Jo has that \'awww, furry things\' way about her, doesn\'t she? Thanks for reading!

2008.07.12 - 04:50AM
6: Chapter 6

That was wonderful. Spot on character voices and a nice Who episode feel. Particularly liked Mike's role in this too, trying to protect Jo but being rather out of his depth.

Author's Response: Thanks - and yes, poor old Mike... he really did do his best but never could compete with all those exciting Doctors in Jo\'s life, could he?

2008.07.09 - 09:15PM
6: Chapter 6

There is more I do hope? This is fantastic so far, very in character, and also very in-era. It feels like watching a good Pertwee episode, right down to the cliff-hanger.

Author's Response: Thank you, Pertwee is the quintessential Doctor for me. And while it was originally \'as is\' now you have my muse contemplating another episode... hmm....