Reviews For Carrots

2007.02.15 - 07:36AM
1: Carrots

Great fic...I especially like her throwing a shoe at him for this. ;) You've got the characterizations spot on, exactly how I'd see them doing it on the show!

2005.07.17 - 11:02AM
1: Carrots

I don't remember reading this fic before. If I had I might have already spent time thinking about him leaving/not leaving in Father's Day.

2005.04.29 - 02:01AM
1: Carrots

Yes, the Doctor can be a bit of t**t, but I still think he's great. The Doctor wouldn' be the Doctor without his ruthless side. Great stuff!

2005.04.28 - 10:55AM
1: Carrots

Cute. But not overly so.

Author's Response: Erm thanks.