2012.06.19 - 07:29PM
1: Chapter 4

I'm reading these out of order. Oh, well, they're excellent.

2008.07.09 - 08:54PM
1: Chapter 4

Finally had the chance to find out what I missed and this was one I wished I hadn't missed. Glad I found it and you didn't disappoint. Thank you so much!

Author's Response: Thanks love - glad you liked it!

2008.07.09 - 11:38AM
1: Chapter 4

Wow, another brilliant fic! And the last line is absolutely beautiful :) You write anguished clone!Ten so well, I love seeing his emotions explored ^_^ Absolutely fantastic!

Author's Response: Oh, thanks so much - I wasn\'t sure if I had took this a little too far into the angst...but obviously not. There is more to come. :)

2008.07.09 - 11:15AM
1: Chapter 4

Nicely done. Thanks for sharing!

Author's Response: Thank you - and thanks for reviewing!

2008.07.09 - 10:56AM
1: Chapter 4

That's an absolutely beautiful peace. It's going straight to favorites. ;)

Author's Response: Oh thank you! I have to confess to being a little taken aback by the fantastic reviews I\'m getting, as I\'ve never written fanfic before. I\'ve previously contented myself with lurking on here and enjoying everyone elses (including yours), but now it appears the dam has broken and I\'m loving it, so thank you for adding me to your favourites. I\'m honoured and humbled.

2008.07.09 - 10:48AM
1: Chapter 4

I really like this series -- honest, realistic (if that can be said for a scifi series), good writing. Devastating last line.

Author's Response: Thanks, glad you\'re enjoying it. I write it as I see it happening...the plot-bunnies are however badgering me to write the next story with a smutty tinge, and I don\'t know how i\'m feeling about that, tbh. We\'ll see. Thnaks for reviewing, I appreciate you taking the time.

2008.07.09 - 10:30AM
1: Chapter 4

oh ouch! That last line hurts so much. Beautiful work.

Author's Response: Thank you. It actually made me flinch a little as I wrote it, and i went back to it again and again, thinking it was too harsh, but somehow it just wouldn\'t let me change it for anything else. I think he might feel that way, but not with any malice, just wanting the one thing he has lost in all the madness. Thanks again, for reading and taking the time to review, I appreciate it.