Reviews For Hope Deferred

2014.10.02 - 01:54AM
1: Hope Deferred

So devastating. Poor, poor Donna. :(

2013.12.06 - 11:26PM
1: Hope Deferred

This is the scene missing from Daniel's Story. So beautifully written.

2012.06.14 - 01:26PM
1: Hope Deferred

Lovely piece of insight into the Doctor's mind, great writing too. Makes me miss Donna even more (favourite companion ever!)

2012.06.13 - 11:20AM
1: Hope Deferred

*Sobs with heartbreak*

This...this was what had happenened, what he was thinking, what she meant/means to him. This is so perfect. So, so wrenchingly gorgeous...


2012.06.12 - 05:48PM
1: Hope Deferred

I cried, it was that beautiful. Makes me miss Donna a hundred times more than usual. Thank you for sharing this story!

2012.06.12 - 01:06PM
1: Hope Deferred

I think a little piece inside of me just died again, oh Donna.. ):

2012.06.12 - 12:29PM
1: Hope Deferred

Oh gods, OW. Beautiful. Opening-old-wounds gorgeous.

2012.06.12 - 09:55AM
1: Hope Deferred

Here via Calufrax. Gorgeous, heartbreaking story. This line especially caught me: "Strong as a lioness when her ideals were threatened, yet for all that her self-worth was brittle as mica; she'd never been able to see how amazing she was in her own right, and now–the thought wrenched at him, stinging tears to the surface of his eyes–perhaps she never would."

2008.07.09 - 11:20PM
1: Hope Deferred

Wonderfully written. I teared up as well. Donna is the best.

2008.07.09 - 04:10AM
1: Hope Deferred

*Tears up*

Beautifully written.

2008.07.09 - 01:21AM
1: Hope Deferred

Oh good, you've put it up here. *sniff* Sad, lovely.