2020.11.28 - 09:49PM
1: Chapter 3


2020.05.05 - 06:01PM
1: Chapter 3

That hurt, really hurt, you're talented at breaking hearts lol

2012.08.20 - 11:24AM
1: Chapter 3

I think I may have alarmed my family. You are such an amazing, emotional writer. Tears are running down my cheeks.

2009.08.23 - 03:23AM
1: Chapter 3

Beautiful writing - you seem to capture the emotions really well! Love these, especially the one with the Doctor knowing that it should've been him, rather than his human counterpart. *tear runs down cheek* please can i have a tissue?

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and enjoying *passes spare tissues*

2009.05.30 - 11:33AM
1: Chapter 3

Oh dear... I think my mascara has run... could I lend a tissue please? Thank you x Very emotional x

Author's Response: *hugs*

2009.02.06 - 06:58PM
1: Chapter 3

"as it hits her that this is him as he wants to be for her - with a human lifespan so that they never have to leave one another."

Oh SOB!!! *That* is what took me so long to get at the ending of that episode - he gave her everything he couldn't be. I love this story - the other POVs were great, but this one really got to me. Bravo!

Author's Response: Thank you so much - this is the meaning of love in my opinion...and this started the ball rolling with my fanfic writing. Made me sob as I was writing it too *passes tissues*

2008.09.15 - 01:18PM
1: Chapter 3

Damn you, you genius, you made me cry.

Author's Response: Sorry *grins and passes tissues* Genius - me? Nah, just like writing these things...probably a bit too much :) Thanks and glad you liked Les x

2008.07.24 - 09:13PM
1: Chapter 3

Again lovely :) Just one thing, you go into past tense for a moment and I think it feels a bit out of place, feels like it should all be in the present tense. Here’s how I see it:

“She grabs his lapels and propels herself onto his lips before she has even had time to process what this all means - all she knows is that now this man kissing her back as if his life depended on it, holding her so tightly she wonders if he is trying to pull her inside his very skin, loves her too...and she hopes that will be enough.”

Apart from that, it was really beautiful and very insightful again :)

Author's Response: Thanks again I was having problems with my tenses - this was my very first fanfic and i got a little muddled - got the hang of it now though *grins*