2010.01.10 - 05:38AM
1: Chapter 2

shut up gwen you whining little brat.
jack wouldnt marry you in a million years because he loves Ianto and you've now got a baby.

2008.07.08 - 09:19AM
1: Chapter 2

A nice little fic...but just a little thing...Gwen has Kissed Jack. Twice (possibly more).
Once in S1 ep2 and then when he was lying in the morgue she kissed him, granted he wasn't kissing her back at that point...but yeah...they kinda have kissed...
Still, as I said, nice little fic!

Author's Response: Oh, thanks very much for pointing this out, and in a gentle way (not that I have a fragile ego or anything...). I wasn\'t counting the kiss she\'d given him when he was dead, but I\'d forgotten about the other one. I\'ve made a quick edit that hopefully doesn\'t completely ruin the story.