Reviews For The Lost Boy

2012.06.14 - 03:19PM
1: Chapter 1

That was quite a sweet story. I liked it. I also thought your phrase "The Boy Who Blames Himself For Everything" was quite funny--and a very good description of Harry. (And of the Doctor too, come to think of it.)

2009.12.10 - 01:21AM
1: Chapter 1

I'm really disappointed this story doesn't have any reviews! You have a wonderful little 'verse started here, beginning with "Too Close to the Moon".

I love that you've avoided the obvious Who/Potter crossovers. Your characterizations are wonderful, and it's so easy to picture the interaction between Teddy and the Doctor.

Lovely, lovely story, and I do hope you haven't abandoned the idea of exploring this universe some more, because you're very good at it!