Reviews For Showtime
2005.07.03 - 08:47AM
1: Big, Ugly Bugs

stargate,stargate, STARGATE! I love stargate, just look at my e-mail. STARGATE!

2005.04.24 - 11:23AM
2: Fishing

The description put me off for a few hours, as I've not watched much stargate, but once I started reading I enjoyed. Is there going to be more? Please tell me there is, otherwise I'm going to have to write more of my own.

Author's Response: Nah, you can read it even if you've not seen much Stargate. There's more :)

2005.04.23 - 01:41PM
2: Fishing

I'm liking this! I'm liking this very lot much!

Author's Response: Jolly good, that's the idea :)

2005.04.23 - 08:37AM
1: Big, Ugly Bugs

So would those bugs be of the DNA changing or life sucking variaty :D

I am still working on mine just every time I make a start I change my mind again.

Author's Response: "They're bugs Sir! Big, ugly bugs!" The DNA-changing ones in SG yeah. Not here though. Just... big, ugly bugs.

2005.04.23 - 06:57AM
1: Big, Ugly Bugs

My do I like a good cliff hanger!? Oh yes I do! The description of the planet reminds me of my tranquille planet in History Hurts: "The sky shone a delicate pink with lilac clouds, and when it rained, the droplets of water evaporated about three metres off the ground." - it'll be nice to see how this one pans out! Keep it up! (ninth doctor is a FANTASTIC character!)

Author's Response: Heh. Thanks for the review :)