Reviews For May 6th, 2006

2008.05.21 - 08:45PM
1: oh, sod off


2007.01.21 - 11:09PM
1: oh, sod off

LOL - that's great!! ;)

2006.01.13 - 11:21PM
1: oh, sod off

Hee, hee!

2005.05.27 - 01:15AM
1: oh, sod off

Heh, nice one XD

2005.04.23 - 07:33AM
1: oh, sod off

Oh, that was de-lovely. Something the doctor would do in his dreams, I think. Keep up the good work.

2005.04.23 - 04:03AM
1: oh, sod off

Lovely lovely lovely. I hope the elections go well.

2005.04.22 - 11:33AM
1: oh, sod off

LOL that's more rigged than Shin Fien

At least the green party would be the less of a lot of evils.... I'd vote for them myself only you don't get much of a choice in Northern Ireland.

2005.04.22 - 11:30AM
1: oh, sod off

Heh, nice one. I can only dream!