Reviews For Vacation

2008.09.11 - 10:31AM
1: Vacation

Bwa-ha-ha! That was marvelous! I'm torn between amused sympathy over the sulk Six would have, and absolute delight at the idea of Two pinching companions from himself. I can understand why you'd want this as a standalone, but I'd love to see a sequel if you have on in you.

Author's Response: Thank you, I\'m glad you enjoyed it. I never gave any real thought to a sequel, but I will keep it in mind. If I can come up with something resembling a plot, that is...

2008.08.24 - 08:05PM
1: Vacation

That was fantastic and awesome and fantastic. Just a little taste of some Doctor and Jamie love, as well as some good ol' Doctor and Peri love.

Aw, this whole story was just love.


Author's Response: Awww... gee, does it show? I\'m glad you enjoyed it!

2008.07.06 - 12:45PM
1: Vacation

Poor Peri! (Hope she realises she might find herself minus a skirt at awkward moments...) V. funny & all in character. Six will be all lonely and sulky now...

Author's Response: I\'m sure he\'ll find a pan-fried gumblejack to keep him company, and then he\'ll be okay with it all (not that he\'d admit it to anyone). I\'m glad you liked it. I love your \"Hidden Corners\" series!

2008.06.27 - 01:52PM
1: Vacation

LOL, I don't blame Peri! Two and Jamie would be a lot easier to get along with than Six.

Author's Response: Easier to get along with, and not as hard on the eyes either (oh that coat!). I\'m glad you liked it!

2008.06.25 - 12:52AM
1: Vacation

Who can blame her? I'd happily run off with Two and Jamie in a heartbeat myself, and I'm not even having to deal with an overblown windbag like Six. Loved this!

Author's Response: I\'m glad you enjoyed it. Two & Jamie certainly seem like they would be easier to get along with (at least on the surface).

2008.06.24 - 08:16PM
1: Vacation

Oh, Peri was good in the books, she simply wasn't served well on the series.
So Peri goes off on vacation - without the Doctor. Serves Six right! He was a royal pain in the ass at times and needed his ego deflated every so often. I say this with the greatest affection, mind you... ;-)

Author's Response: And it was written with the greatest affection. I like Six very much, actually, but I felt Peri deserved a lot of credit for putting up with him. I would have killed him, if I were in her place. I\'m glad you liked it!

2008.06.24 - 04:44PM
1: Vacation

Not that I like Peri but I guess the sixth Doctor was far from easy to get along.
And Two managed with Victoria, so Peri shouldn't be a problem for him.

Thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading! I think Two can get along with just about anyone (except Three). I\'m just wondering what Victoria\'s reaction to Peri\'s wardrobe would be...