2008.08.01 - 12:12AM
1: Chapter 1

I haven't gone back and watched all of the old Doctor's yet, but I really liked the way you wrote this. It was very interesting and entertaining. ^_^
The last call was sad though. I definitely liked how you put this together.

2008.07.14 - 12:05PM
1: Chapter 1

Oh, well done! From very funny to a dark ending. Excellent. :-)

2008.07.14 - 09:01AM
1: Chapter 1

I loved this! The funniest bit was the digging up naked Jack -- made me think that I must get to know this Frobisher person! But I also loved the House and Ron Weasley guest appearances. (Don't know who Ed is, unfortunately.)

And then the ending was unexpectedly touching. Your story got me thinking about how, in a way, we're lucky that Six ended with Sylvester McCoy in a wig, because it opened up the possibilities for this long lifespan that Big Finish has taken advantage of so well.

Thanks for an entertaining story!

2008.06.24 - 04:59AM
1: Chapter 1

*giggling madly at Unexpected Naked Jack*

2008.06.24 - 12:13AM
1: Chapter 1

My favorite sections were the ones with Frobisher (I really love him) and the end bit with Mel. Nice mix of humor and drama, excellent story!