2013.01.05 - 06:16AM
1: ...

LOL. I can totally see this happening. Poor Nine!

2010.06.22 - 08:36PM
1: ...

Beautiful! LOL

2010.03.29 - 05:11PM
1: ...

Poor 9th Doctor. Absolute genius.

2006.11.29 - 02:15PM
1: ...

So that's where the genetic loom story came from! Some Time Lord was trying to give an Earthling a polite brush-off!

"No, my people don't have sex. Really, they don't. Where do babies come from, you ask?" *casts eyes wildly about the room* "Looms. Not that kind, genetic looms. With genetics instead of string! Really."

2006.01.13 - 11:06PM
1: ...

Poor Doctor. Forget Daleks, I think he'd rather be forced to resume his Presidency of Gallifrey rather than take HER on board!

2005.12.31 - 11:04AM
1: ...

okay, HAAHAAHAAHAA, poor Doctor. I have a feeling he'd rather face Daleks than Rose's mother again = D

2005.08.28 - 03:40AM
1: ...

Are you OK? That was sick and twisted, yet still kinda funy. Why do i want that to be an actual episode?

2005.07.29 - 08:24PM
1: ...

(Not logged in) Hilarious, simply hilarious. I loved it. Write more. And I love the excuse... "I'm Gay!" Loved it. So orginal! Can't wait to hear more! Please read my stories please!

2005.07.06 - 08:58AM
1: ...

Frelling. Priceless. I just about fell over laughing.

2005.05.27 - 05:08PM
1: ...

This was hilarious. Spot-on Jackie, right there, as well as a great Doctor.

Elke Tanzer
2005.05.15 - 11:42AM
1: ...

This is spot on... wonderful!

2005.04.25 - 01:12AM
1: ...

How... horrifically bleak. And I mean that in the best way possible.

2005.04.19 - 12:40PM
1: ...

"all your own sort dead" - I can hear her saying this. *is afraid*

Joseph Q Publique
2005.04.19 - 06:59AM
1: ...

And just when you think you're home and dry... ouch. Nice one!

The Secretive Bus
2005.04.18 - 12:14AM
1: ...

"Any further in the closet and I'd be going down the pub with Aslan." I'm still chuckling at that one, I've got to use it in regular conversation some time...