Reviews For Ethical Consumer

2006.01.13 - 11:12PM
1: bah, humbug!

The Doctor as a hippie, running the Tardis off vegetable oil, an evil Wal-Mart. . .lions and tiger and bears, oh my! That was great!

2005.12.31 - 10:57AM
1: bah, humbug!

I love your fics. also, I am a hippy, albeit an emo one = D But he's just strange. *shivers* Wal-Mart

2005.08.28 - 03:37AM
1: bah, humbug!

What's Wal-mart? What's ethical? Why does he are that her shoes are leather, the cow would have died anyway! Please, forgive me, i just had an unhappy ending to a love affair, so i am miserable.

Joseph Q Publique
2005.04.19 - 07:03AM
1: bah, humbug!

Very nice. Very nice indeedy.

The Secretive Bus
2005.04.18 - 10:11AM
1: bah, humbug!

I like this one. Yes. I like it a lot. *swirls wine*

2005.04.18 - 07:37AM
1: bah, humbug!

Tis a beautiful thing, yes.

2005.04.17 - 08:54PM
1: bah, humbug!

Someones an early EDA fan!

2005.04.17 - 07:26PM
1: bah, humbug!

LOL I'm still trying to stop laughing. Think he's right Wal-mart is eviler than the Daleks I been in one of those stores before *cringes*