Reviews For Decree Absolute

2013.01.24 - 04:50AM
1: Chapter 1

I love this story, one of the best Brig/Sarah Jane fics I've ever read. Could totally believe this happened :-)

2008.08.17 - 02:47PM
1: Chapter 1

Lovely work! I would never have expected these two to make such an adorable pair, but this fic really nailed both their characters, and brought out a wonderful sweetness in how they interact.

Author's Response: Thanks. No, me neither until I watched \'Robot\' (Sarah is such a shameless flirt). There\'s just something about their perceived emptiness post Doctor (or, in the Brig\'s case, post divorce) in the spin off media/new series that seemed to fit.

2008.06.12 - 01:02PM
1: Chapter 1

I really loved this. Both were so in character and the build up was paced excellently and arrived at a lovely er... climax. :D You've captured the way Sarah and the Brig acted around each other at the end of Spiders/beginning of Robot beautifully. Also, Benton was rather adorable at the beginning too!

Author's Response: Thank you- this is, in fact, the most explicit thing I\'ve ever written (and even here I avoided going into too much detail). My advice would be to read this and then go and watch the two part finale of series 2 Sarah Jane Adventures. You\'ll weep :). Glad Sarah and the Brig were in character for such an out of character piece. Oh, I\'ve always thought Benton was sweet, and probably getting screwed over as a result.