Reviews For What is Real

2005.05.02 - 02:02PM
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Thoughtful and intricate -- what is reality when anything can change without warning? Very nice.

2005.04.14 - 06:32AM
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Excellent characterization, you write for Ian extremely well. I was a bit surprised to read Ian is a smoker, though. Was that mentioned in the novel (I know it follows the novel continuity, so I didn't know if you were referencing that or it was a new addition.)? Anyway, stellar, as always! :)

Author's Response: Thanks! Ian's personality is very close to my own, so writing through his POV is almost ridiculously easy for me. And yes, Ian is a smoker in Whitaker's novelization. He's not as straightlaced as his TV counterpart (he is also more cynical and easily-angered).

2005.04.13 - 12:11PM
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Oh, that's very nice. Quiet, calm, melancholy. I liked a lot.

2005.04.13 - 02:57AM
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Very true about the intricacies of Time Travel; well done.

2005.04.13 - 01:40AM
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A very touching fic, with a very subtle take on the 'realities' of time travel. Characterisation was spot on.