2013.08.30 - 10:54PM
1: Chapter 1

nothing like a good Doctor & Romana argument. Hilarious!

2013.08.29 - 09:43PM
1: Chapter 1

I love you.



2013.08.29 - 10:27AM
1: Chapter 1

Very funny! And a nice dig at saying sorry too often, it annoyed me too.

2013.08.23 - 08:19PM
1: Chapter 1

Wonderful! I love when the Doctor acts like a big baby cuz... well, he is in so many ways. And Four is quite the baby. Xllnt dialog, and great jokes!

2013.08.23 - 02:38PM
1: Chapter 1

Re-read this story for the first time in a long time, loved it even more and couldn't believe it hadn't been Calufrax'd already. So here you are:



2012.04.28 - 11:08PM
1: Chapter 1

"When you were born they threw away the mold." "It wasn't really MOULD..."

This story has an incredibly high density of brilliant one-liners. It's like Abbott and Costello in here.

2011.12.22 - 08:12AM
1: Chapter 1


1979 was a really good year for you, am I right? But I do have a nitpick - doesn't 'scarcely' have a 'c' in it? I *knew* I'd get you on something...

2011.01.15 - 12:51PM
1: Chapter 1

I love sulky!Four and superior!Romana; you get their dynamic just right. So many great lines in this; I particularly like when she inquires about whether monogamy is catching. ;)

2008.11.17 - 01:48PM
1: Chapter 1

Haha - that's genius!

2008.06.18 - 09:35PM
1: Chapter 1

A wonderful job, as always!

2008.05.28 - 11:45AM
1: Chapter 1

Your wit and your ability to pace speech and bon mots is breath-taking. Every so often, you make me snicker out loud: " ... Charming woman, very impressive thighs." I don't believe I've ever been disappointed after reading anything of yours!