Reviews For Only Yes

2008.07.10 - 02:03AM
1: Only Yes

Wow that was brilliant. Very, very well done, the end especially.

Author's Response: I am late responding : Thank you for your feedback :)

2008.07.08 - 11:36PM
1: Only Yes

That is very Master. I want to say "Poor Doctor", but...The Master's so good at what he does.

Well done ^_^. You got the character down perfect.

Author's Response: Many thanks :) Sorry for the belated response.

2008.05.28 - 04:45PM
1: Only Yes

Oh, dear. Poor Doc. *kills Master for being so horrid*

Author's Response: No, don\'t kill him, I can\'t write more tormenting stories then ! Thanks for the review and sorry for being late!