Reviews For Looking Inside

Elke Tanzer
2005.05.02 - 08:10AM
1: 1/1


Carmen Sandiego
2005.04.18 - 09:08AM
1: 1/1

Fantastic work. Muchly enjoyed, yes.

2005.04.10 - 01:19PM
1: 1/1

wow, this is brill - one of the best stories I've read! The emotions portrayed are great and it's all very natural. I love all the stories about the doctor and Rose, I think they have a great chemistry together so I'm looking forward to this other story you are writing :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the kind review! The new story is coming along-- should be done soon.

2005.04.09 - 05:50AM
1: 1/1

that was brilliant! really well written and very sweet. any thoughts on writing a sequel at all?

Author's Response: Thank you! Sequel-- no, not as such... but I am halfway through a rather dark and disturbing little story in which I do mean and terrible things to poor Rose. Very much a classic h/c kind of thing, very much in the adult rating category. Give me a few days...

2005.04.08 - 10:46AM
1: 1/1

This is just utterly GORGEOUS. Thank you so much for sharing.

Author's Response: *blushing* Thank you, LJC! I always figured I'd have to grow a thicker skin if I ever posted anything, but everyone has been so kind...

2005.04.08 - 01:52AM
1: 1/1

Really well written, and tugs at the heartstrings.

Author's Response: Thanks! This is my first stab at stand alone fanfic. I've done a couple round robins in the Star Trek universe, but these two characters have really crawled inside my head and WON'T LEAVE. I think there's actually a clinical diagnosis for that... :-P

2005.04.07 - 03:20PM
1: 1/1

Nice, very nice...sweet. I love hurt/comfort stories and this one has the distinction of being heartwarming without being soppy. Really enjoyed it, thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: Thank you! You're my first reviewer, ever--

Author's Response: I really appreciate the kind feedback.

2005.04.07 - 11:21AM
1: 1/1

nicely done

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! I'm a new writer and you guys are my first feedback. I appreciate your kindness.