Reviews For Wolf Pups

2009.12.24 - 02:44AM
3: My Kingdom For A Horse

Please, Please update
I love this fic

2009.01.29 - 09:12AM
3: My Kingdom For A Horse

Just checking in here. If your having writers block will warm gooey chocolate chip cookies help unblock it? I'm pretty good at making them. Well, please update as soon as you can. I'd like to know whats up with The Doctor, Jack and Sweetheart. Also, is Rose in the right Reality and if she is, will the Tardis be able to sense her?

2008.10.23 - 11:26PM
3: My Kingdom For A Horse

Hope to see more. Worried, since you haven't posted on your Lj since Aug.

Author's Response: Sorry to worry you! I did disappear out of fandom and LJ, but I\'ve missed it so I\'m working on getting back into the swing of things again. Meanwhile, thank you so much for reading and commenting! :-)

2008.10.14 - 11:02AM
3: My Kingdom For A Horse

Okay, you really can't leave it there. That's a bad place to leave people hanging. I need to know whats going to happen next, whats up with Rose and a whole lot of other things!!! Please up date soon, is tomorrow to soon???

Author's Response: I\'m so sorry for leaving it hanging! Tomorrow might be a bit much to hope for, but I am trying to get back into fandom again. Meanwhile, thank you so much for reading and commenting! :-)

2008.06.10 - 04:20AM
3: My Kingdom For A Horse

Bad puncher! Bad! *shakes finger*
Horse: *suffers explosive decompression*

Fantastic! Brilliant! Loved the echoes of Jack (Harkness) in the emergency program / ship's computer / imminent and inescapable death. Parallels = yay!

Rose being able to taste universes is fascinating. Age, or something she's developed as a side-effect of visiting so many different universes, or something completely different. I can't help wondering if Jack's acquired any new senses lately.

Author's Response: Jack does in fact have a new sense. He\'s been growing a time sense since before the first story in the series. Nineteen is helping him learn how to use and control it. You will see more on this later... glad you\'re enjoying it so far, and thank you for reviewing! :-)

2008.06.07 - 01:10PM
3: My Kingdom For A Horse

ROFL! Your Rose is fabulous! I love how she's talking to herself. Being on her own for that long, I don't blame her!

“Okay, Computer. What if I get out and push?” Rose asked hopefully.

*snickers* Priceless!

Come on Doctor and Jack!! :)

Author's Response: Glad you like Rose! It\'s a very good sign that my main characters seem to be well-liked so far. :-) Jack and Nineteen are on their way, never fear! :-D

2008.06.07 - 01:06PM
2: Nesting Syndrome

YAY! I have a feeling I'm going to like this Doctor. Those pictures didn't hurt either. ;)

Jack delighted in their brotherly competition as they egged each other on. It was openly affectionate in a way that the Doctor had only begun to experiment with in his most recent incarnations, and Jack was happy to find the pattern continuing into this regeneration.

It had always been a rare treat even in their thousands of years of association, but there was nothing Jack loved more than to see his old friend so playful and happy. They had been physically close as sporadic lovers since the Time Lord’s thirteenth form, but even so the Doctor had rarely indulged in playful expressions of affection with such joyful abandon.

They wound up sprawled on the floor beside the pile of Jack’s belongings, legs tangled where they had tripped each other, the Doctor’s precious suit momentarily forgotten. They shared boyish grins.

It's wonderful that the Doctor can still relax and enjoy himself. I'm so glad Jack's back on board!

And the TARDIS? *much love* She's nesting! Awww!

This is going to be a wild ride!

Author's Response: Oh, what I went through to find those pictures! Hours of googling for \"ginger actors pictures\" and searching through IMDb. But, eventually, I found the perfect photos. :-) Glad you\'re enjoying it so far... thanks for reviewing and poking and generally helping me believe I can actually do this! :-D

2008.06.06 - 06:59PM
3: My Kingdom For A Horse

Yay! C'mon Jack and're needed! *can't wait for the next installment* :)

Author's Response: I\'ve been distracted by a FotD missing scene, but I\'m working on the next part of this as well. Jack and Nineteen are on their way! Thanks for reviewing. :-)

2008.06.06 - 04:34PM
3: My Kingdom For A Horse

Hell's bells! I rather love your Rose. Why am I imagining the computer with Ianto's voice? Still, the sitch doesn't look good. Jack? Doc? You're needed!

Author's Response: Ianto\'s voice? Perhaps. I don\'t think I\'ll specify, but you\'re free to imagine. ;-) Glad you like Rose, and don\'t worry, Jack and Nineteen are on their way! Thanks for reviewing. :-)

2008.06.06 - 03:58PM
3: My Kingdom For A Horse

Oh gods, hot cocoa. I love your Rose.

Author's Response: I\'m glad you like her! Thanks for reviewing. :-)

2008.06.06 - 03:41PM
3: My Kingdom For A Horse

Ohhh you would end the chapter there. XD He he...I will just have to wait for the next chapter. This series is very good. I am enjoying it very much. But I need more....please?

Author's Response: Yeah, I would. :-P Glad you\'re enjoying it! More will be along presently. Thanks for reviewing. :-)

2008.06.02 - 06:29PM
2: Nesting Syndrome

Woohoo! Jack's back on the TARDIS, where he belongs :) Now we just have to bring the other wanderer home and it'll be perfect.

Author's Response: She\'s definitely on her way. Thanks for reviewing! :-)

2008.06.02 - 03:53PM
2: Nesting Syndrome

Hee, I love the image of the TARDIS "nesting". And, of course, the interactions between Jack and the Doctor are always a treat. I can't wait for the next installment!

Author's Response: TARDIS nesting and Jack/19 interactions, exactly what I tried to have fun with in this part. Glad you liked it, and thanks for reviewing! Next part is on its way to the mods... :-)

2008.05.27 - 04:29PM
1: On Her Own Again

A wonderful beginning to this epic saga! Our poor, brave Rose. The guilt she carries seems to rival our favorite immortal and the Doctor. I suppose we have two favorite immortals now. ;)

On a tiny backwater planet, in a forgotten corner of an unimportant galaxy, in a relatively uninteresting time period amongst an infinity of alternate universes, a brown-haired woman walked resolutely towards her specially-modified Chula scout ship.


I love how you brought this chapter full circle. I'm anxiously looking forward to more! *pokes*

Author's Response: I\'m glad you liked the full-circle thing! I love putting in little touches like that. :-) ::is poked:: I\'m working on part 2! It\'s actually almost done. Just need to write a little more and then polish it up a bit. I\'ve been distracted the last couple of days by marathon episode watching and friends kidnapping me to go see Indiana Jones repeatedly. Not that I\'m complaining. :-D

2008.05.27 - 01:37PM
1: On Her Own Again

Ooh, another story from you! I'm in. Intriguing beginning--can't wait to see where you take it.

Author's Response: Glad you have you aboard! More to follow soon. :-)