Reviews For Still Lost

2021.09.21 - 09:50PM
3: Part 3

that chapter was a delight to read! the sense of foreboding, the mystery, the characters from the show…well done!

2016.05.08 - 01:09PM
17: Epilogue

I read this before but am so glad I found it again! As lovely as I remember.

2013.09.13 - 03:44AM
17: Epilogue

What a remarkable story, and of course, the epilogue kicked me right in the feels!!! Why were you worried about writing the sexual part of the Battle of the Long Games story? You told it so beautifully here! I am admittedly a much smuttier writer but, I was completely drawn in by their first love making session... beautiful, really. Well, add this story to the very short list of stories that astonishes me - such talent. Fantastic story... Molto Bene!!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! Not sure what the Battle of the Long Games is though - it\'s not one of mine. In any case, this was definitely one of my tamer (and earliest) sex scenes. My writing got a lot smuttier later on!

2013.09.05 - 08:31PM
3: Part 3

this. is. awesome.

2013.02.16 - 11:25AM
17: Epilogue

This was such a lovely and intriguing story. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it even while I was aching for their reunion. (which seemed so brief!!) Donna rocked my world - what would they have done without her?

2012.02.19 - 07:38PM
1: Part 1

Dunno if you're still checking reviews years later, but I just stumbled across this story on a lazy Sunday afternoon and read the whole thing in one sitting. Love it! This is like something out of "cliches gone right" - the 10/Rose reunion scenario has been done into the ground, but you still managed to do a completely unique and fresh treatment that had me hooked!

I loved oblivious!Doctor ignoring all the "she is returning" signs, because, OF COURSE he would! Of course! The dream sequence was a highlight for sure, because unlike the usual fanfic, Ten was still his snarky/sarcastic self in the dreams. I don't think I've ever seen it done like that.

The timey-wimey was very good and easy to follow - I liked getting Rose's sequence of events a little later into the story, and then seeing the Doctor put the puzzle together, and then DONNA was the genius who finally figured out the solution. Yesss. Love Donna being brilliant.

Thanks for the epic story, I enjoyed every word.

Author's Response: Thank you! I do still get email notifications for reviews, so I see them. I appreciate that people are still reading these stories.

2012.01.30 - 05:22PM
17: Epilogue

Just lovely...what a sweet AU for all of us. It was as happy a story as one could ever hope for and still be realistic.

The dream sequence was sublime...just pegged the characters and the Doctors quirks brilliantly while leading us a merry chase.

Your Donna was spot on and made me laugh on several occasions (paper cut comment comes to mind)

I found this on the LiveJournal recommendation site and it was well worth the read through.

2010.10.12 - 10:45PM
17: Epilogue

Very nicely done.
Thank you.

2010.07.05 - 02:25AM
1: Part 1

I've read this twice now and will likely read it again sometime in the not too distant future. The entire Lostverse series is my favourite series of fanfic so far. I absolutely love it and I wanted to thank you for writing it.

2010.01.16 - 02:12PM
17: Epilogue

Beautiful. Very well done. Thank you.

2009.12.30 - 06:28PM
17: Epilogue

This was absolutely wonderful. Thanks for writing. :)

2009.04.15 - 02:09AM
17: Epilogue

I read this last night. I had printed it off last year intending to read it... I can be very dense sometimes... I loved it... so perfectly perfect, even if I did weep buckets, it was worth it to know that he did have 'her' forever. Wonderful, simply wonderful!

2008.12.06 - 07:28PM
17: Epilogue

Absolutely beautiful story. I have to admit I also read it in one sitting, until *cough* very late... err early in fact :P i just couldn't stop, the tension you built was so powerful and your final chapters made all that time worthwhile. *bravo* :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much. The fact that you stayed up to read it is a very high compliment. I\'m so glad you liked it!

2008.12.03 - 03:52PM
2: Part 2

"Third gear, COME ON!"

Nice Top Gear reference!

Finally catching up on this series and loving it!

Author's Response: Ha, I love it when people catch that reference! Glad you enjoyed it.

2008.11.27 - 06:25AM
17: Epilogue

I read that story in one sitting. I went through a whole range of emotions, from worry to hope to happiness then to sadness at the epilogue. That was just brilliant. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you for such a kind comment. I\'m glad that it inspired so much emotion.