2020.05.27 - 04:47PM
1: Breaking the Silence

ahhhh too perfect and too wonderful. Oh Donna. oh Doctor.

2014.03.24 - 06:20PM
1: Breaking the Silence

That's Donna all over - caringly, thoughtfully slapping some sense into him. And he adores her for it. And, after all, nothing says caring like scones, cream and jam.

2014.02.25 - 09:08AM
1: Breaking the Silence

Definitely an interesting take on this story. Very lovely, though.

2014.02.13 - 10:58AM
1: Breaking the Silence

Gorgeous story! You portray the Doctor's telepathic loneliness so well, and your characterizations for him and Donna during a serious moment were spot-on.

2014.02.11 - 05:45PM
1: Breaking the Silence

This was beautiful and so, so Donna and the Doctor. This filled in those gaps and explained his sadness and longing so perfectly!



Author's Response: {{hugs back}} Thank you very much. Glad it seemed to fit. :)

2014.02.11 - 05:01PM
1: Breaking the Silence

This was very sweet and in character. Here from calufrax by the way, and well deserved. Thanks for this. I love Donna's choice at the end of "where to go next". To the kitchen for tea and scones. Makes me miss this pair all over again.

Author's Response: Oh, thanks for letting me know. I\'m thrilled to get a nod on Calufrax. :) And I think I\'ll always miss the DoctorDonna partnership, myself.

2013.06.02 - 04:26PM
1: Breaking the Silence

Lovely, well-worded story. :)

Author's Response: Many thanks. :) I love the compliment \"well-worded.\" Makes my night.

2012.06.03 - 07:15PM
1: Breaking the Silence

Perfect and beautifully-constructed H/C. Donna is by far my favorite companion for all of the reasons that you've laid out here: her no-nonsense approach to even the hardest topics, her love-until-it-hurts personality, her willingness to do and say anything that needs to be said to the people she cares about, and her gloriously-human compassion. You really used all of those here to give the Doctor something that he certainly doesn't get enough of in the series: a chance to process and admit that he's hurting and, even better still, to feel that all isn't lost.

Bravo, Grym! More??

Author's Response: Hey, I know you. :) Thanks for the review, even for this old thing. What a nice moment in an otherwise mediocre day. Glad to find you on here, too!

2008.05.23 - 12:44PM
1: Breaking the Silence

Very nicely done, sadly sweet.

Author's Response: There\'s been something sad about the Doctor since the Time War (with a brief respite in Season 2 as he and Rose goofed around) -- and it\'s only gotten worse since he lost Rose. I\'m glad this little piece captured that. Thank you for your review!

2008.05.20 - 09:49AM
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This was a nice story, and I like how it ended so positively.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing. :) It sat without an ending for a while, because I wanted some more positive resolution but didn\'t know where to go. I glad the final direction worked for you.

2008.05.20 - 01:16AM
1: Breaking the Silence

What a brilliant concept. So original and wonderfully written. I loved every word.

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing. I\'m glad you enjoyed the concept and the somewhat wordy style. :)

2008.05.19 - 09:49PM
1: Breaking the Silence

That was perfect Donna and perfect Ten. Such a clever way of putting it and so very true. Of course it'd be hard for him to leave. Of course he'd have to go. And of course it'd make him remember. Love your Donna - she was so brilliant in this (as she is in the series). Thank you so much for sharing!

Author's Response: Beautiful review. It\'s always thrilling to see a familiar name in the review queue, and even more so to get a review as nice as this. Thank you! I\'m glad Ten and Donna ring true; voices are always a challenge for me - and televised voices don\'t have as much flexibility and play as some other genres I\'ve fic\'d in. Glad Donna seems like her usual awesome self, as well. She\'s too much of a (pushy, no-nonsense, much-needed) gem to screw up!

2008.05.19 - 09:43PM
1: Breaking the Silence

Oh, I like this! And it does make a lot of sense, doesn't it? His mind, so empty without the constant mental awareness of his people - of course another telepathic race would fill some sort of gap for him, especially now that they're free and their song isn't one of captivity any more.

And Donna is a perfect mix of sarcasm, impatience, humour and genuine understanding :)

Author's Response: As I told Gillian up above, it\'s very exciting to see familiar, well-loved authors taking the time to read my random fic. Thank you! As I watched the episode, I kept thinking (because I think I watch with angst-colored glasses sometimes) there would be hints of this somewhere. But, no. Good thing, I suppose. It inspired unexpected fic. :) And I\'m particularly pleased that Donna works. She\'s got such lovely depths and edges; it was fun to play with her a bit.