2008.05.14 - 08:47PM
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I like this! I've wanted to read this pairing ever since livii mentioned it, and this was very sweet. I love how flustered the Doctor is about the whole thing.

Author's Response: Thank you- I know! It had crossed my mind, but livii validated it and so I felt obliged to get the ball rolling. I think the Doctor would be very uncomfortable about his companions hooking up together, given his sort of parental nature towards them (hmm, the Doctor is the dad, Donna the unruly teenage daughter... Let\'s hope this doesn\'t end up biting me by the end of series four)

2008.05.14 - 07:21PM
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Love love love this.

Author's Response: Thank you; I\'m glad the primary response wasn\'t \'Are you mental?\' for writing this.

2008.05.14 - 07:12PM
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Author's Response: LOL- thanks. If we can have Benton/Rose and Harry/Martha...

2008.05.14 - 10:54AM
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Oooo, I like!! Brilliant!!! xxx

Author's Response: Aww, thank you!