2013.05.15 - 08:20AM
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I just love this! The dialogue rings so true for all concerned, and I do have a fondness for fics where the Brig gets some - er - action :-)

2013.03.10 - 10:32AM
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I've read this more than once and grinned every time. You make the pairing work wonderfully, funny and sweet and very them. I can definitely imagine Donna and the Brigadier getting along just like this! Loving the Benton & Yates moments as well ;)

2008.09.04 - 01:44PM
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Fantastic! I love how you've taken something of a crack pairing and made it amazingly believable. And very, very funny too.

Author's Response: Yes a crack pairing acknowledged by all who discussed it at the time to be rather crack (but if Rose/Benton and Martha/Harry are acceptable...); I simply saw a challenge... Thanks, glad you liked it and glad it was intentionally funny.

2008.07.09 - 02:35PM
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Sorry, so rude to start waffling about my own story...

What I should have said: that was just brilliant.

Author's Response: Don\'t worry, I didn\'t think it was rude. But thanks again.

2008.06.24 - 03:59AM
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This is my new most favouritest story on the teaspoon. Favourited, and bookmarked in my internet broswer. Donna/Brig isn't a pairing I would have ever thought of. But it's brillant, fantastic, magnificient! And the supporting cast is great too.

Author's Response: Thank you, I\'m honored to be in your bookmarks :). It\'s a bizarre pairing, given they\'ve never met on screen, but it works. I always loved Benton and Yates banter in the old series, had to try and recreate it.

2008.06.22 - 06:36PM
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Oooh, I like it! Not a pairing I had thought of before, but it does work. Loved Yates and Benton's reactions.

Author's Response: Thank you. Well, the Brig is a man of action rather than words, and we know how Donna feels about men of few words...

2008.06.22 - 04:13PM
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This is great - I loved it.

Author's Response: Thanks. This appears to be the most popular thing I\'ve written, and also the crackiest...

2008.06.19 - 04:24PM
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Brilliant. :D

Author's Response: Thanks. I ought to see if more Brig/Donna fics have been written...

2008.06.19 - 06:34AM
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That's so crazy that it actually works!! Loved it immensely. I agree, it is a fantastic pairing.

Author's Response: LOL, yeah, it takes a bit of sinking in to realise the awesomeness of the pairing. Glad you enjoyed it.

2008.06.16 - 08:02PM
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Well, Persiflage beat me to the Calufrax rec, but I just realized that while I bookmarked it immediately, I never reviewed! I really enjoyed this silly story and hope you write more of them.

Author's Response: Ooh, another Calufrax rec? *Is pleased* Glad you liked. I\'m afraid the current epic I\'m working on isn\'t very silly at all, but if the mood takes me, I might throw out another daft story (maybe SJA will inspire me later in the series...?)

2008.06.13 - 03:39AM
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FAB! Go Brig/Donna!

Author's Response: Death... no, wait, cake! I meant cake. Cake, please. Thanks. They\'re kind of cute, aren\'t they? Who\'d have thought it?

2008.05.30 - 02:29PM
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Ooh... Firs of all, that was great and funny. Secondly you got there before me again. Mind you, my Ten and Donna meet old-style UNIT is (will be) ... not like that, but I did start thinking, you know, I could see Donna & the Brig... If you're bonkers, I'm bonkers but less original. Loved it. But then I always love it when the Brig gets the better of the Doctor in any way. :-D

Author's Response: Oh, I can\'t claim credit for the Donna/Brig pairing. There was a discussion on \'Who OTP about pairing Harry and Martha and it sprung from there. Someone (think it was livvi) mentioned Donna/Brig totally in passing and half a dozen of us jumped on the idea. I wrote a fic that day. Yes, I like the Brig getting one over on the Doctor, primarily because you know the Brig wouldn\'t care, but the Doctor would. I\'m bad at keeping up with fandoms- I\'ll have to look out for your Ten/UNIT meet up story.

2008.05.27 - 10:16PM
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You get points for the sheer ingenuity of this fic. I've only seen one classic ep, which was 5's first one, so I don't know the Brig...but this was brilliant. Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Thank you, and if you get a chance, check out some of the Brig UNIT stories. There\'s a reason he\'s such a well-loved character...

2008.05.15 - 01:05PM
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I'm slightly batshit as a Doctor/Donna shipper (yeah, I know) but omg this fic? I love. Lots. Donna and the Brig are awesome together.

Author's Response: Thank you- hey, if we all shipped the same, the world would be a dull place. Or something. I\'m hoping more people will try and write this pairing.

2008.05.15 - 01:31AM
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Heeheehee ! Love it... Love Donna just completely ignoring the Doctor and him getting utterly flustered by the Brig doing anything with Donna...

And LOVE that he turns those negatives that were thrown at her into positive character traits...

Author's Response: Thank you- I can just see Donna flouncing off and doing her own thing if she felt it appropriate; she\'s not as starry-eyed over him as Rose and Martha were. The Doctor knows the Brig has spent time in a Brighton hotel room with a young lady and done things he didn\'t want him to know about, so that would probably be enough to make him antsy :). The Brig seems a nice sort of chap; I\'d imagine he\'s not too bad at bolstering people\'s confidence (witness his behaviour towards Mike at the end of \'The Green Death\').