Reviews For Ginger Pop at Ten

2005.09.05 - 11:40AM
1: Chapter One

That was good, in a depressing sorta way. I loved it.

2005.07.09 - 06:15AM
1: Chapter One

Fantastic, you described the Doctor perfectly, I could almost see it. Congrats.

2005.04.09 - 12:12PM
1: Chapter One

That was a great story. Loved your characterisation of The Doctor.

2005.04.06 - 05:02AM
1: Chapter One

*bawls* This was so good! *sniffs*

2005.04.01 - 11:00AM
1: Chapter One

I love your description of the Doctor's grief and melancholy after having traveled so long with Rose. Great story.

2005.03.30 - 09:09AM
1: Chapter One

I agree. I think I'll be adding more to this, a second chapter.

2005.03.29 - 05:23PM
1: Chapter One

Awww Poor doctor. I think he is in love with Rose you know. Not that he quite relises it.