2010.01.25 - 01:55PM
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The money I would pay to hear GDL say IR *sigh*
Great story, funny and shmexy all at once.

2008.09.06 - 05:42PM
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Pip, darling, you are so damned funny. You write the sweetest, most heart-warming porn I've ever seen. Please don't stop.

2008.07.26 - 11:09AM
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Yay! Fun and sexy all at once :)

Author's Response: Hey Metz! Thank you, I\'m glad you liked it! :)

2008.05.04 - 09:27AM
1: Chapter 1

LOL- Leave it to Jack to make me want to do my taxes! This was lovely! I agree, we need a tax scene in Torchwood just to hear GDL say "Inland Revenue"! *grin*

Author's Response: Hi, Sylvi! :) Thank you – I’m glad you liked it! Lol… God, I really have invented an entire new fetish here, haven’t I? *immediately wonders what other unlikely things Jack and Ianto could make more “interesting”*

2008.04.30 - 10:58AM
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It's the middle of the night and I'm trying not to laugh too loud and disturb my neighbours. THis was hilarious!

Author's Response: Hey, figaro! Thank you! I\'m so glad it made you laugh *g*

2008.04.30 - 05:59AM
1: Chapter 1

Shoot, did you borrow Tosh’s mind-reading pendant and read my fantasies?

Or maybe you just read my diary. I had always wanted to be in Jack’s position ;) in “Tax Doesn’t have to be Taxing” or Ianto’s in “Jack’s List 1: The Tourist Office.”

Or maybe you have a desk fetish? ;D

In _Contact_ the aliens sent Jodie Foster’s character a blue print stored in encrypted three-dimension pages. It was meant to show a more efficient use of space, because even the “edge” of the paper was utilized for data storage and presentation. Mr. Spock, in _Star Trek_, played chess on a three dimensional chessboard so as to increase the level of challenge. I guess Jack and Ianto, being in the rift-of-time-and-space business, could not do less than to maximize their usage of the space occupied by the desk. ;)

The dilemma potentiated Ianto’s sexual excitement. And the reader’s enjoyment. Wonderful reading.

Author's Response: Hi FCBL... Hmm... I kind of want a taste as well, if you couldn\'t tell ;) As for fetishes, I really have so many I\'ve given up naming them *g* Thank you so much - your comment made me smile during a long day at work. Pip :)

2008.04.30 - 02:38AM
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...This is hilarious!

But in all fairness...I can actually see Jack doing that while Ianto is trying to do taxes.

We so should have at least one scene like this where Ianto is trying to do something normal and Jack "distracts" him.

If only we could here GDL saying Inland Revenue...*sigh*

Fabulous work!

Author's Response: Yay to being hilarious! I so wanted it to be funny! And you\'re absolutely right, we do need to see a scene like that, it would be so cool. *imagines GDL saying \"Inland Revenue\"* I can\'t help it - I love the accent. I love it on Gwen as well. *g*

2008.04.29 - 07:24PM
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Ooh. Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. Bloody Gwen, always sticking her nose in. Especially love the section where Jack's begging him to say "Inland Revenue" - gorgeous! You know I love you, right? :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Jack loves Ianto\'s accent - it\'s canon! *g* And I do feel very loved. Love right back at you. Fan fiction wouldn\'t be half as much fun to write without your comments, queenofhearts :)

2008.04.29 - 12:03PM
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Haha!! Loved the last lines! Poor Ianto... Lucky sod!



Author's Response: Hi, TorchwoodDoctor! I\'m so glad you enjoyed it, and that I made you giggle. Thank you :)

2008.04.29 - 11:41AM
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Loved it the first time and lovin' it yet again.

Author's Response: Thank you, jekyll... I still can\'t fathom the positive response, and I\'m beginning to fear I might have invented a new fetish for VAT... ;)

2008.04.29 - 10:54AM
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Oh that's brilliant! Hahaha! Hot too!

Author's Response: Hey, Lady_Timelord! Thank you - I\'m really happy you enjoyed it! :)

2008.04.29 - 10:07AM
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oh, dear. *takes a deep breath* Nope didn't help, can't stop laughing... Fantastic take on a Janto-office scene... Hot and funny :) What more can a girl ask for? (oh, yeah, I know: more) Seriously, good story! Thanks for sharing!

Author's Response: I just love to hear when I\'ve made people laugh - it means I\'m getting the comedy right. Thank you for reviewing, Nighteyes! :)

2008.04.29 - 08:29AM
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Hilarious and hot! I really enjoyed this, thanks for posting it.

Author's Response: Hi, winterhill! I\'m really glad you enjoyed it, thank you for letting me know :)