Reviews For Change

2014.12.16 - 07:00PM
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This makes my heart so happy.

Author's Response: Glad you like it. I just couldn\'t imagine the Doctor without the Brig.

2008.05.23 - 06:02PM
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2007.09.29 - 02:54AM
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Nice. A spot of stability in his life.

2005.03.17 - 07:24PM
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I liked that last exchange between the Doctor and the Brigadier; very funny. Nice story. Every Doctor should get to see the Brigadier.

2005.03.17 - 01:02PM
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An excellent little teaser for the new series! Nice to see the Brigadier again. The talk about moving on was a nice emotional touch. "I expect to be here for some time" is something I hope the Doctor lives up to!