Reviews For womb-born

2009.03.26 - 07:54PM
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I could see this as being one possibility for why the Doctor is the way he is. Very well-written, and I love the repetition bracketing the story.

2008.02.17 - 07:07AM
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That was wonderful. Really great.

2006.08.28 - 08:15AM
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This is the first time someone's given me a reason to believe that the whole half-human thing isn't just a lame storytelling trick that cheapens the character.

I especially love this line: "The pale, skinny boy day-dreaming in the back row becomes, suddenly and unnoticed, a heretic."

Lovely. :)

2004.08.13 - 08:31AM
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I want to compliment you on all the Doctor Who stories on this site. They're all fantastic! People tend to shy away from investigating his inner workings (which reminds me, I particularly liked 'Half Human'! That was a lark), and you do it awfully well. Thanks for writing!