Reviews For Chamomile

2012.05.04 - 08:45AM
1: Chapter 1

Awwww, poor Ianto. Nice ending tho :-)

2009.12.16 - 10:41PM
1: Chapter 1

I like that Ianto just kinda rolls with things and deals. "Oh okay, my nightmare's made Jack cry... time for cuddles and tea!"

2008.09.09 - 11:12PM
1: Chapter 1

This is a really nice little story. especially pleasant, given that I am neck deep in my version of what happened to them during that time, and it is not EVEN as pleasant as getting killed.

Count on Ianto to heal. It's sorta what he does.

Author's Response: I can imagine the Year, for people who were friends of Jack and the Doctor, was truly hell; this is indeed a fairly \"lite\" story with that in mind. Agree with you about Ianto\'s ability to heal -- even all the stuff with Lisa came about because he was trying to help her. He\'s a great guy, really, and Jack\'s lucky to have him. Thanks!

2008.06.12 - 11:32PM
1: Chapter 1

Neat story

Author's Response: Thanks! :D

2008.04.15 - 01:42AM
1: Chapter 1

I love a good fic with consequences of the Year that Never Was, and this was a very good one indeed. The dream is thoroughly chilling, but the subsequent bits with Jack and Ianto are like chamomile tea for the soul. I want to pat Ianto's little teaboy head for being the one to comfort somebody else after his own nightmare.

Author's Response: Thank you! I believe in comfort to go with my hurt, definitely . . . and Ianto\'s got a kind heart, so naturally he\'d consider Jack\'s upset being more important than his own.

2008.04.14 - 08:53PM
1: Chapter 1

this was amazing, thats just about all i can say.... i think you pretty much captured both of them so well, ianto's feelings within the dream, and jack's as he remembers what im guessing he tries to forget...and then ianto, trying to make sense of a situation that he could never understand, and then jack trying to protect him....
well, i don't know, but, wow....keep it up :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I\'m really glad all of what I was trying to do \"worked\" for you -- and I\'ll be writing \"Flowers\" for a while yet, so no doubt you\'ll see more of our lads in this setting. ;)

2008.04.14 - 02:21PM
1: Chapter 1

Echoes of the Year that Wasn't : Brilliantly done. For once the 'and he woke up and it all was a dream' was poigniant. Excellent idea, and well done too. Jack and Ianto were on the mark too. Loved the details about Owen having a grumble hehe.

Author's Response: Thanks! I was hoping the dream-setup wouldn\'t be too cliched, but it\'s the only way I could think of for Ianto to have residual memories of the Year. And of course Owen would grumble about the situation -- spinal reflex for him! ;)

2008.04.13 - 11:47PM
1: Chapter 1

This is gorgeous! Love those two (this version of Jack and Ianto, that is, as distinct from Jack and Ianto in general).
The mountains were creepily beautiful, contrasted with what I knew was going to happen.
And tea, with honey. And Jack-and-Ianto, also with honey, implied. *grins*
I'm continually delighted by how very well Jack/Ten and Jack/Ianto manage to co-exist in the Flowersverse.

Author's Response: Thanks! I\'m glad you like my take on things -- one of these days, when I get the chance, I\'m gonna have to write up the talk Jack and Ianto had post-\"Glass Houses\"; it leads into the co-existence issue.

2008.04.13 - 07:05PM
1: Chapter 1

Loved it....

Author's Response: Thank you!

2008.04.13 - 06:59PM
1: Chapter 1

Gnah. Oh Jack. *pets them both* I love how you integrated Doctor Who cannon here, to heartrending effect.

Author's Response: Yeah, poor Jack\'s dealing with a lot of stuff here that Ianto has no clue about . . . but at least they can comfort each other.

2008.04.13 - 06:29PM
1: Chapter 1

Aw, that was really lovely. And I loved the ending. Fantastic.

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad you liked it. :)

2008.04.13 - 06:16PM
1: Chapter 1

Great story - love the ending.

Author's Response: Thank you! A little hurt calls for a little comfort. ;)