Reviews For Desolate Planes

2011.07.04 - 03:46AM
1: Whispers in the Water

please finish!

2010.07.01 - 08:35PM
2: Voices from the Dark

this is such a great story. please continue it, i really want to know what happens. thanks (:

2010.05.04 - 05:32PM
2: Voices from the Dark

Oh wow, this is such a great story. Please update soon and don't abandon it.

2009.10.13 - 10:21PM
2: Voices from the Dark

OMG! I know you haven't updated in a while, but this series is really really good. And I also want to see what happens and if they get their daughter back. Please udpate!!!!

2009.08.17 - 05:17PM
1: Whispers in the Water

Great series so far and heartbeating cliffhangers here, but I really do wish that you write this story more, we all love it.

2009.01.11 - 02:06PM
1: Whispers in the Water

I just read the previous stories to this 1 and i loved them!! Please please please update this story, i love the storyline! So please update!!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I know, I haven\'t updated for forever, I\'ve been sucked into another fandom. But I do hope to get back to this at some point!

2009.01.02 - 01:41PM
2: Voices from the Dark

I've been lying in bed for hours reading this series: it's so sad to see it incomplete and knowing you haven't updated in a while... hopefully you'll remember this awesome story sometime soon! Hope you're not horribly indisposed or something! The story is amazing: everything about it has been to my liking as yet... I hope we get to see it continue sometime in the near future. :P
Hope to get an update alert e-mail soon! :)

Author's Response: I hate leaving my fics incomplete and I\'m quite upset I\'ve done it with this one, since I loved it so. I do hope to get back to it sometime.

2008.10.13 - 04:30PM
2: Voices from the Dark

I love the Doctor's old fashioned detecting methods in this, even though they're not his usual way.... the sonic screwdriver and speaker incident just sounded scary but I do love it when the Doctor's protective and passionate about something like that. The fact that it's his child with Rose is even better! >.< The way you described him just managing to hold the baby before it dissapeared was absolutly heartbreaking, bless him.

I can't wait until you update! I know this is going to be just as good as your other two stories, if not better... especially if they get the child back safely. :) Hopefully you wont make me wait too long. *looks hopefully* he he

2008.10.13 - 04:11PM
1: Whispers in the Water

Great first chapter but Rose needs to talk to the Doctor more again before he returns to being his usual closed off self. They work so much better as a team! Oh well, I'm sure it'll lead to some interesting situations. The voices intrigue me, at first the way you described them made me think that they were Time Lords or Gallifreyan's, but then why would the Doctor not be able to hear them too? So I guess that's wrong.

I guess I'll have to wait and see. he he.

2008.07.21 - 09:14AM
2: Voices from the Dark

I am really enjoying this series. The last chapter was great! Please update soon!

2008.06.04 - 10:28PM
2: Voices from the Dark

Man, this is a fantastic tale, I can't wait to find out what happens!

2008.06.01 - 05:21PM
2: Voices from the Dark

Yey, for an update! The Oncoming Storm is so formidable isn't he?? But poor Rose, so confused, upset and greiving, the Doctor too. But of course neither of these two like the easy path do they- they could just talk to each other.
Update soon, I feel this could become a great epic x

2008.06.01 - 12:49PM
2: Voices from the Dark

I love updates, I really do. Where DO you get your ideas? The Doctor's moment of madness with the sonic screwdriver sets a lovely edge to the story. Can't wait to see where this turns out. xx

Author's Response: Hehe thanks. I know I\'m awfully slow with updates these days, sorry. I swear I am writing, its just more of a struggle when its not angsty or sexual tension scenes. But they\'re coming up now so...

2008.05.21 - 11:32PM
1: Whispers in the Water

oh wow, this looks fun. great start for a more 'serious' story, i'm sure it'll be great. but feed us a little of that physical relationship occasionally, yeah?

Author's Response: Oh there\'ll still be plenty of the physical in there. Otherwise I\'d get bored writing it. Which is what happened recently, but now I\'ve got ideas back and written a couple more chapters. They\'ll be up soon, I promise!

2008.04.13 - 12:22AM
1: Whispers in the Water

Hmm... curious start. Really curious what happened to the baby and now what's happening in Rose's mind. Hope she and the Doctor manage to get everything out in the open soon.

Great start, Cheers ~JD