Reviews For Change

2008.10.06 - 02:56PM
1: Change

Just ran across this, not long after watching Ten watch the spider empress's kids burning.

The Master is right. He has changed, but more subtly than the poor damaged mind of the Master can see. Predicting what he will do is never going to be easy again.

Very nice writing.

2008.08.01 - 10:51PM
1: Change

"A cosmos without the Doctor scarcely bears thinking about."

The Master has always measured himself by the Doctor, I think. He does some things to get a rise out of him, some things to try to defeat him, some things because he knows they're what the Doctor would not do. He's an anti-Doctor, and even he knows it. They exist to face each other.

So now that he sees that the Doctor is changed, is no longer the perfect reflection of himself, how is he to cope? How is he to any longer understand his own identity, since that which he reflects has changed?

This piece is gorgeous. It embraces that concept, that of polarity (no, not of the neutron flow). No wonder the Master gave up. He didn't even know the rules anymore.

2008.07.21 - 11:23PM
1: Change

Oh, very good. It's nice to see truth break through insanity for once. A very nice take on the Master 'getting it'....I wonder how some of the Doctor's earlier incarnations would react to Ten?

2008.03.31 - 02:14PM
1: Change

(hears the Valeyard laughting in the distance) *shivers*

2008.03.28 - 09:14AM
1: Change

Oh I like this very very much. Such a new and different perspective. Please write more, this was excellent.

2008.03.28 - 05:39AM
1: Change

A Master throughly defeated- a Doctor that has changed- I like that very much, thank you. And very well written.

I have some quarrels with Russell T Davies, but his willingness to change his characters is the one thing I love best- beautifully picked up here.

2008.03.27 - 10:20PM
1: Change

This is most excellent. And very brave of you, because whenever I see anything about the Doctor turning into an angel, it's always a good, benign thing. When you think about it, angels are pretty damn scary (at least the Biblical ones) destroyers and subjugators. The Master would most likely see an angelic Doctor as the destroyer-angel type. And you've let us see that, too. That's brave.

2008.03.27 - 10:01PM
1: Change

This was your first? Great job. An interesting perspective too that I've not seen before. I don't agree with The Master's assessment of Ten, but that doesn't matter, some of it is true.

2008.03.27 - 09:58PM
1: Change

I really enjoyed this. It was interesting how you made the Master wonder what had changed in his best enemy. Keep writing!

2008.03.27 - 09:57PM
1: Change

Not bad at all for a first go, please do continue!!

2008.03.27 - 07:03PM
1: Change

Just wow.
There is something about both Nine and Ten that is harder, more ruthless, and tortured than the earlier regenerations of the Doctor. The smiles and glib chatter of Ten make it easy to forget that darkness underneath the surface.
I like how you have the Master initially miss and then recognise that hardness. I really liked your insight when you had the Master wonder about what could have been if he had stuck around and fought at the Doctor's side during the Time War.
And please keep writing.

2008.03.27 - 06:53PM
1: Change

I actually and honestly loved that. it was an angle i hadn't seen before.

I loved the line where he is wondering what would have happened if he had stayed and they had fought together, when it had really mattered.

fantastic character writing. Even though the Master is "evil" i love how in a way the Doctor and the Master do in fact still care for the other. really enjoyable read. if this is you first, please keep writing!