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2009.04.09 - 06:48AM
1: Cover Stories

Although, Jack kissing poor Simon was also good. I wish there was more.

Author's Response: Ha! I tried. THe second story took three years to show up, though. And I wanted there to be more kissing of other people, just like River, but alas, the story was done.

2009.04.09 - 06:45AM
1: Cover Stories

Fantastic. So fantastic! Unexpected ship, but you write ti full of win. :)

The line that made me laugh hardest:

"Who was that naked fast man?" asked Wash.

Just in the middle of all the chaos.. oh, and zoe asking 'was that the corporal?'

Author's Response: Aww, thank you! This one was a total blast and a breeze to write-- took me one evening, and then some re-writing. I adore those two, so I\'m glad that it came through.

2009.03.28 - 11:17PM
1: Cover Stories

Oh, this is so perfect. Jack/River reads wonderfully. I adore the thought of them; I've never successfully pictured River in romantic entanglement, but Jack is perfect. (For some reason, I was put in mind of a non-evil, slightly less destructive version of Spike and Dru - maybe just Joss on the brain with the xover.) I think I have a new obsession pairing - must find more Jack/River.

Author's Response: *gleeee* Oh, thank you so much. There\'s a follow-up story here, but it\'s much darker, I don\'t know if it\'d be your thing. But yes, I do love them together, and there *are* more stories out there, by other people too.

2009.03.28 - 03:15PM
1: Cover Stories

Oh, this was absolutely brilliant. You've captured everyone's voices perfectly.

Author's Response: Thank you!! I loved writing this one, as soon as I heard Mal bitching about the job going south in my head, it just all rolled out. So glad it worked for you.

2009.03.28 - 12:13PM
1: Cover Stories

What a great crossover! I love the fact that Mal and Zoe already knew Jack; it seems so plausible that he would have fought in the Unification War during his time with the Time Agency.

Author's Response: See, that\'s what I thought. He\'d be that guy who could find an extra can of soup in the middle of a desert, or bullets when they\'re pinned down, and show up juuuust at the last second. HEE.

2009.03.28 - 04:04AM
1: Cover Stories

I love this one so much I just recced it at Calufrax. Hope you get some more traffic!

Author's Response: *pounce-hugs you* Thank you so much for this, and the review over at Calufrax! Reminds me how much I loved writing these two, and it\'s already gotten me another review!

2008.03.26 - 05:51PM
1: Cover Stories

*Poof* See, when the Whedonverse collides with the Whoniverse, all my geek buttons are pushed at once and *poof*! Loved it!

Author's Response: Heh, mine too, seriously. Two of my favorite things! And thank you for the feedback!

2008.03.26 - 03:00PM
1: Cover Stories

This was wonderful. I would love to see more interaction between these crews.

Author's Response: There\'s a follow-up I\'m putting up tomorrow, but it\'s not light or funny (I know so much more about Jack since 2005, how could it be?) But I\'m glad you liked this one, and thanks for the feedback!

2008.03.26 - 09:36AM
1: Cover Stories

Just amazing, loved this.

Author's Response: Aww, yay! Thanks. I wanted River to have a good first kiss, you know?

2008.03.26 - 01:47AM
1: Cover Stories

I really enjoyed this,
it was a sweet encounter for all of them.

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you liked it. I had a lot of fun with the return of the defabricator.