Reviews For Prodigal Daughter

2008.03.19 - 03:30PM
3: The real Jane

Wow. I'm surprised this isn't getting any reviews, because it's interesting, well-written, and well-conceived. Wow. And the plot is wandering around in corkscrews. Great chapter.

2008.03.16 - 12:00PM
2: Martha Jones Investigates

WOW. Totally unexpected ending. I was with Martha on the "Saxon" "Master" thing. +Favorite. (What happened to the whole "thumbs up" thing? I miss it.)

This is great.

2008.03.14 - 03:36PM
1: The Return

Sorry for the lag on this (and I'm glad I recognize that I've read the precursor!), but it's a neat storyline. I'm interested to see where this goes.