Reviews For Spiking Torchwood

2008.03.10 - 01:03PM
1: Chapter 1

As a fan of both characters, I would be interested in seeing this as a series.

Author's Response: Thanks! More is going to happen, now I know the end of the series and can incorporate that into the story. Sorry for the slow reply, hope you continue to read the series :)

2008.03.09 - 09:56PM
1: Chapter 1

I liked the whole Spike idea, too.

Did he asked John if he didn't have a gang? (The Scooby Gang, maybe?)

Author's Response: Heh, nice idea! Thanks, I might use that. Sorry for the delay, thank you for reading, and more is coming.

2008.03.09 - 06:37PM
1: Chapter 1

Nice take on the fact that James is playing John Hart and has played Spike. I kept wanting to call him Spike the entire time since there were a lot of similarities between the two characters!

Author's Response: Exactly. The bunny just wouldn\'t leave me alone after that episode, especially when the DNA didn\'t work immediately. I thought \"Of course not, his heart\'s not beating!\" *hee* Thanks for reading and reviewing, pleased you liked it.