Reviews For Mind Set

2006.08.31 - 01:07PM
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Liked this story verymuch nicely done! Thanks

2005.07.09 - 10:32PM
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Oh, that was great. Sam B)

2005.07.04 - 09:14AM
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I know I'm getting a bit repetative here, but oh well. FANTASTIC!

2005.05.31 - 10:55PM
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What a wonderful story! Very much in the tradition of Tara Samms' Glass, with the narrator not quite sure what's going on, but being won over by the Doctor's pure charm. Lovely.

2005.03.31 - 02:18PM
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That is probably the best piece i've ever seen on this website, i was gripped from start to finish and was not expecting the old foe. Well done!

2005.02.16 - 12:39PM
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Oooh, very nice! You had me worried for a bit, though I probably should have known. At least in the general scheme of things. (Hope that makes sense, I don't want to give anything away.)

Hydraxan XXIIIrd
2005.02.15 - 09:33AM
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2005.02.15 - 03:41AM
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Excellent, Gary. I always wondered what the psychological assessment of the Doctor would be. This is a great look into that.