2018.07.01 - 05:10PM
1: Chapter 1

Confiscate all the Retcon, Doctor, if you ever try to travel with that Ianto. Trust me.

2014.02.25 - 08:40PM
1: Chapter 1

Maybe it should be a little crueler about Donna. He 'died a little inside'? That's just really too harsh. Your other stories are not usually this mean to her. Why here?

Author's Response: I *think* this was when she was Runaway Bride Donna, a somewhat different character and more... umm... yeah

2010.03.29 - 05:03PM
1: Chapter 1

Lol, loved the scene with Rose. 'Entirely too kind'. Lol, Doctor.

2010.03.18 - 02:41PM
1: Chapter 1

oh he did not just askl to take ianto?

why couldnt he have taken gwen and gotten her killed in an "accident" mwaha ha ha

2008.11.03 - 08:08PM
1: Chapter 1

The Doctor died a little inside but, really, he was sure it'd all work out for the best.


Yay Donna... ahem.

2008.05.09 - 01:33PM
1: Chapter 1

Oh dear... LOL!

2008.04.19 - 02:22PM
1: Chapter 1

I have tears in my eyes from giggling so hard. I think the SJA section was my favorite, but by a very small margin as they were all great. Thanks for sharing this!

2008.04.13 - 03:58PM
1: Chapter 1

poor Doctor
getting turned down by everyone
and then stuck with Donna
i luv her tho
i'd have luvd if Tosh ahd actually become his companion
theres an idea for another fic

2008.03.05 - 01:19PM
1: Chapter 1

"How fast do they run?"
This needs to be the first question he asks before inviting anyone to come along. He can borrow Ianto's stopwatch to time them. Truly, this fic is a work of art.

2008.03.05 - 12:50PM
1: Chapter 1

I've gotten into a nasty habit of not reviewing stories I like, and the sooner I break it, the better.

Haha, this is actually amazing! I love how you portrayed Rose (I hope that, or something similar at least, happens in series four :D), laughed at the Sarah-Jane part and the line about Martha's sister was a classic...

Hehe, poor Donna, she doesn't know what she's getting herself into :D


2008.03.05 - 05:39AM
1: Chapter 1

'....the Doctor died a little inside......' THAT is CLASS!