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2013.12.27 - 08:30AM
7: And Kittens Make... (Barbara, Ian, One)

And more funny looks now that the giggling turned into full-on laughter. I love it.

2013.12.27 - 08:24AM
2: Magic Brownie (Barbara, Ian, Martha, Ten)

All the people in the office are looking at me funny for giggling out loud...

2009.07.19 - 12:27PM
1: Guided Tour (Martha/Zoe)

Oh I loved every chapter, naughty and nice. Great fun and I hope you write many more....

2008.06.14 - 09:11AM
1: Guided Tour (Martha/Zoe)

What a nice fate for Martha! I like this glimpse of Zoe much more than the usual fanfic one; changed by her travels with the Doctor even if she doesn't know why. Still bright and curious and eager, and now a nice new friend for Martha. Yay!

2008.06.14 - 09:08AM
3: July 21st, 2007 (Martha, Susan, One, Ten)

I liked this a lot. Sweet and fun, with a hidden sadness, known only to the Doctor and the reader. Well done!

2008.06.14 - 09:07AM
6: This Will Be On The Examination (Theta/Ushas/Koschei, Drax, Braxiatel)

This bordered on too cracky for my tastes, but that final line redeemed it. Actually, the final line makes the entire thing quite brilliant. *still chortling over the Doctor's AAA*

2008.02.21 - 07:33PM
2: Magic Brownie (Barbara, Ian, Martha, Ten)

HAH! Ten would SO accidentally make hash brownies...