2011.07.20 - 11:16AM
20: Chapter 20 - Rest & Recovery

So glad to see this continued! The voices are perfect, and it is somewhat unusual to see the Doctor in such a dependent situation. Keep it up!

Author's Response: Thank you for your kind words even if it took forever for me to have found them. These last couple of years have been very crazy and have played havoc with my writing. I haven\'t quit writing completely but post for now only at my live journal.

2008.07.07 - 05:27AM
6: Chapter 06 - The Unexpected

Wow, an amazing tale. Have to read the first part now. Can't wait for more.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! I am glad you like it.

Author's Response: Things are going to get hard for them for a time but they all come together to make things better.

2008.03.21 - 02:36PM
5: Chapter 05 - Time for bed

I'm glad that the Doctor and Rose seemed to more or less get their relationship back on track.Also I though it was funny the way Jack was flirting with the Tardis and how she warned him off for having any kind of thoughts about Rose.The Tardis is every bit protective of Rose as the Doctor is.

Author's Response: For now anyway *evil grin*. You ever wonder why Captain Jack wound up immortal? *looks mischievous*

2008.03.02 - 08:51PM
4: Chapter 04 - Terms of Engagement

Probation, indeed. A lot of the Doctor's friendships tend to be that way. With good reason.

Author's Response: Turlough comes to mind on the probations scene. He didn\'t turn out to be to bad in the long run.

2008.03.02 - 08:45PM
3: Chapter 03 - New Dynamics

An interesting whirlwind through that episode. Here's to friends and the future, with tension eased.

Author's Response: lots of interesting things to come.

Author's Response: oh yes lots and lots of interesting things to come.

2008.03.02 - 06:32PM
4: Chapter 04 - Terms of Engagement

Oh, I loved this interesting take on these eppies. I can smell the testosterone from here! Lovely job!

Author's Response: Oh yeah lots of that floating around but I think between the Tardis and the Doctor Jack is going see it very clearly that Rose is off the \"menu\".

Author's Response: And the things to come will change his mind about wanting to even think about getting between these two.

2008.03.02 - 01:32PM
4: Chapter 04 - Terms of Engagement

Just as well the TARDIS likes him cause the Doctor is definitely being a tad mean! Can't wait to see how this develops :-)

Author's Response: It\'s bound to get better as he realizes that Jack is no threat to his relationship w/ Rose. Bit of the Alpha male thing

2008.03.02 - 01:31PM
3: Chapter 03 - New Dynamics

Love this take on Jack!

Author's Response: Thanks, I have always held that there is a lot more to Jack then he lets people see.

2008.02.27 - 11:17AM
2: Chapter 02 - Regrets

lOVED IT AND YEAH tARDIS HAS TO GET IN THERE AND DO SOMETHING SO THEY CAN SEE THAT they don't need to push away just open up about what they feel to see that they are both hurting and need to comfort.

Author's Response: For once it won\'t have to be the TARDIS doing the match making work. There is nothing like a little competition to make things more interesting.

2008.02.25 - 11:19PM
2: Chapter 02 - Regrets

I finally caught up with this and it's just dripping with angst! I LOVED IT! Now, Tardis is going to have to finagle them into a room and their just go to have to communicate, even if it's hoots, whistles and grunts! Poor Rose, poor Doctor......

Author's Response: Yes they will and warm fuzzy things to follow soon.

2008.02.25 - 03:13PM
2: Chapter 02 - Regrets

Already dizzy from being sick. These two are making me dizzier. Lock them in a cramped room for me will you TARDIS?

Author's Response: awww poor watcher *hands over the Dramamine, a crock pot of chicken soup and a large box of tissues* Feel better soon.

2008.02.25 - 10:59AM
2: Chapter 02 - Regrets

Their both too stubborn for their own good.It seems they have taken two steps forward and three backwards.

Will they realise that the are both making each other miserable?

Communication is key and this is something their not doing ,the Doctor's retreating back into himself and Rose is blaming herself for everything that went wrong.

Author's Response: Yup, yup and yup. Nothing like a bit of jealousy to make you reassess your situation. Introduce a beta male moving in to take over your territory and amazing things can happen. I have been married 23 years and I swear that the only reason we have survived this long as a couple is because we keep talking no matter how mad we get.

2008.02.22 - 10:31AM
1: Chapter 01 - Careful What You Wish For…

Aww poor rose losing her dad more times then she can count and the doctor. Yeah he may have been mad but he still had to protect her cause he loves her. Dad did the right thing in the end.

Author's Response: Yup, some days just really really suck. But at least the Doctor will be there to pick up the pieces, well sort of...

Author's Response: and of course Rose will be there to pick up his pieces in the future.

2008.02.20 - 06:35AM
1: Chapter 01 - Careful What You Wish For…

Ooo - fabby. More please :-)

Author's Response: Soon to come.

2008.02.19 - 12:33PM
1: Chapter 01 - Careful What You Wish For…

Fantastic and I like your take on 'Father's Day.'

Author's Response: Thank you. *Curtsies*

Author's Response: Lots more interesting things to come.