2010.04.15 - 05:47AM
1: Part I ~ Her Name Was Rose

That was Beautiful and sad. Poor Doctor. Poor TARDIS. Glad she saved him. The Doctor saying he'll tell Rose. Sarah Jane was heartbreaking at the end. Glad she was al to help 10.

2009.04.22 - 11:30AM
1: Part I ~ Her Name Was Rose

Poor Doctor. Poor bastard. :-( Looks like it's been awhile since you wrote the last chapter; when can we expect the epilogue you mentioned?

“Fine. Always fine me.”

Oh yeah, suuuure you are, Doctor. If by "fine" you mean Fucked-up, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional.

2009.02.15 - 12:40PM
1: Part I ~ Her Name Was Rose

Decided to check on your writing since you have been so kind in reviewing mine. WOW! I just plain WALLOWED in this story! So well done, so spot on with my vision of the Doctor post-Canary Wharf! I think we're sisters separated at birth, Whovian-wise here, lady! :) And Sarah Jane--ah yes, no wonder you had to give a look in at my fics! Now, off to read the rest of your opus. Outstanding job! I'll return to this story when I need a good heart-twisting!

2008.09.13 - 10:55PM
1: Part I ~ Her Name Was Rose

Oh owowowowowowowowow...
This is just beyond words for how amazing it is...While I feel like it might be a little over the top for Ten, I also feel like it's so IN character as well...if that makes sense. ;) DT plays Ten with so MUCH unsaid, that imagining this breakdown is actually not as farfetched as I would've thought.
Seriously, brilliant. HOMG brilliant. :D

Author's Response: Thanks for your comments. Hope your head is feeling better. ;-p

2008.09.11 - 11:37PM
5: Part V ~ Running Repairs

Wonderfully written and so sad..made me cry like a baby.

Author's Response: Made you cry -- good thing or bad thing? ;P Thanks for the comments.

2008.09.11 - 10:12PM
5: Part V ~ Running Repairs

Aww, that was so sad! But brilliantly written as usual. I'm looking forward to the epilogue. Was the Doctor really delusional when he said he'd tell Rose when he felt better? That's the thing about sci-fi, anything's possible. :)

Author's Response: Was the Doctor really delusional when he said he\'d tell Rose when he felt better? Ah! There\'s the rub!
Thanks for the review.

2008.09.11 - 05:28PM
5: Part V ~ Running Repairs

This story is one of the best ones I have read here in a while - very well written. Your detailed descriptions of his thoughts and actions are quite believable -- you really have a handle on 10. Can hardly wait for the epilogue. Hurry!

Author's Response: Thanks, naughtybunny. I\'ve just realised that I\'ve written more 10/Rose fic this year than I was ever able to write Han/Leia fic. Must be something David does for me....I\'m on leave in 3 weeks time, so if I don\'t finish the epilogue before then, I shall do so during my leave.

2008.09.11 - 04:28PM
5: Part V ~ Running Repairs

I feel so devastated!! Please write more maybe I`ll end up topping myself, but it would be worth it!!

Author's Response: That\'s a compliment? ;-p Funny, I wrote the suicide bits when I had a bright and sunny disposition. Now I\'m moody and depressed, I had trouble finishing this damn thing. The epilogue will, however, end on a more positive note.

2008.09.11 - 10:26AM
5: Part V ~ Running Repairs

gosh that was just so sad! I'm glad that the TARDIS sent him to Sarah Jane. I read that you have an idea for an epilogue- is this going to fit in still pre-Martha?

Author's Response: Yes, indeedy do! The epilogue will still be pre-Martha. I think Ten went away and sorted himself out before he stumbled across Martha. Thanks for reading and your comments.

2008.08.25 - 07:21PM
4: Part IV ~ Found

Oh this is heartbreaking to see the Doctor so broken but I can't stop reading it... which is unfortunate since I've ran out of chapters to read. lol. I hope you update soon. It's written so beautifully, I can imagine evry single little detail perfectly.

Author's Response: Yes, hopefully now that I am writing again, I will finish this thing.

2008.08.25 - 06:07PM
1: Part I ~ Her Name Was Rose

Wow that was heartbreaking! It doesn't seem so far fetched to read this after seeing Turn Left and how suicidal he actually was once Rose was gone. Poor Doctor.

Author's Response: see comment above.

2008.04.11 - 10:33PM
4: Part IV ~ Found

Oh wow, I LOVE this fic. You have the Doctor is even more heart broken than I imagined him to be, but it's oh so right. I always wondered if he went to SJ after it all happened, or if he just wallowed in his TARDIS for a year or two.

Author's Response: Thanks, Crystal. Glad you\'re enjoying it -- and sorry that I haven\'t been able to post the next part (or even write it!). Soon, I hope....

2008.03.27 - 12:35AM
4: Part IV ~ Found

Oh, my heart is breaking!!! As sad as it was, it was still beautiful!!! I don't think that Sarah Jane will ever be over the Doctor, but it was nice to see her getting along with Rose!!! Can't wait for your next chapter!!!

Author's Response: Thanks, holidayrain. :-) I\'m ashamed to admit, however, that I haven\'t written a single *word* of the next part. (Eek.) I\'ve become too obsessed with what\'s happening (or not) in Series 4. Shame, really, cos it won\'t be shown here in Oz until July. :-( I\'ll have to snatch what I can off the internet. :-\\ Anyway, back to the fic....I do, however, know exactly what will happen; it\'s been playing like an old movie in my head for the past few months!

2008.03.26 - 02:08AM
4: Part IV ~ Found

Yay! Sarah Jane to the rescue! Well, it's good that the Doctor has found a friend, but now he needs to find his lover!

Author's Response: Thanks for dropping by and your responses.

2008.03.26 - 02:06AM
3: Part III ~ Lost

Okay, I'm feeling a bit better now! I just hope the Doctor can find Sarah Jane and figure out just what is going on!

Author's Response: ...against each part!