2010.08.09 - 02:58PM
1: Jack's List 1: The Tourist Office

loooool, really liked the fact that Ianto didnt stop, and the cock bit was hilarious!!

2010.05.31 - 04:02PM
1: Jack's List 1: The Tourist Office

Loved this. The two old women were great!

2010.01.25 - 01:49PM
1: Jack's List 1: The Tourist Office

oooh, i'm loving this side of Ianto! And your 2 grannies are adorable XD

2009.09.15 - 05:23PM
1: Jack's List 1: The Tourist Office

Me again... I just had to write another review... my friend and I were having so much fun discussing Castell Coch when we were in Cardiff.

Didn't get there.. but when it was mentioned on the audio guide at Cardiff Castle we broke out in laughter... much to the annoyance of the people around us. And now that I'm working on learning welsh, I get all giggly with the colors.

2009.08.25 - 04:40AM
1: Jack's List 1: The Tourist Office

how lovely naughty....Just imagine being a tourist and stepping into a scene like that. i do think I would notice..it's just someting in the air...

2008.02.12 - 05:38AM
1: Jack's List 1: The Tourist Office

Lovely... I was sitting here giggling as I read it. Poor Jack. So many stories have Ianto getting embarrassed... it was nice to see it the other way for once.

Can't wait for more of the list.

Author's Response: Hi again, Jekyll :) Glad you liked it and that it made you giggle. I really like writing comedy with these two, and I\'m so happy that it works. There will be more... I can\'t quite shake the idea of Jack putting Ianto in handcuffs while he\'s asleep...

2008.02.11 - 11:32PM
1: Jack's List 1: The Tourist Office

Reading chapter 7 of dinner and a movie over breakfast this morning was a lovely way to start the day... then a long held fantasy about secret goings-on behind the tourist office desk came true in this story this evening. Oh, pippychick, you've read my mind. Don't stop writing!

Author's Response: *grins* I\'m glad you liked this little bit of fun. It was a laugh to write. Poor Jack. Ianto seems to get the better of the deal no matter what position he is in. Maybe at some point I should let Jack get even by putting the handcuffs on a sleeping Ianto... well, that\'s quite a thought. I wonder what number on the list it would be... ;)