Reviews For Who?

2009.11.24 - 08:03PM
10: Chapter 10

An engaging plot with an interesting original companion using the first Doctor/Companion pairing I ever read about (The first original Dr Who novel I ever read was "Vanishing Point", so I've had a bit of a soft spot for the Doctor, Fitz and Anji as a team ever since), to say nothing of an excellent new take on a classic Who villain; congratulations on such a fine bit of work.

Keep up the great job; I look forward to seeing how Phaze's character develops from here on in (Nice idea with her abilities, by the way, even if I'm slightly reminded of the Riolu from Stargate's "The Fifth Man")

2008.12.07 - 06:18AM
10: Chapter 10

A fantastic story. The storyline and pace were just right, and your characterisation was all spot on for the regulars. Cassidy is a great new character.

At first I did find her a bit Mary Sue, but your explaination of how she came to join them made sense and took that niggle away.

2008.09.14 - 09:40PM
10: Chapter 10

Ah, the ending. thank for sharing. ;)