Reviews For Who?

2008.02.15 - 04:41PM
3: Chapter 3

How very interesting!

Just found this story, and I admit that I was a bit wary at first. An original female companion who seems to be quite knowledgeable and is intrinsically trusted? It smacked of Mary Sue, but the vivid action and the excellent characterization of Eight, Fitz and Anji kept me going. (That was another clue there; in most Mary-Sues, Anji is completely forgotten. Good on you for giving her the screen time she deserves)

But this twist makes it all clear, and quite believably, too. Since Cassidy's psychic ability allowed her to glean the info she needed, it explains her origins and her knowledge in the heat of the moment. Well done! Given that, I think Cassidy's a fine character and not a Mary Sue at all!

That being said, I'm looking ever so forward to the next bit. Poor Doctor! You characterize him beautifully, as well as giving Fitz and Anji their due (clever Fitz, suspecting that something was up, I do love him), and the references to established EDA canon make this story all the more fleshed out and believable. Brava!

Events seem to be moving apace, and I can't wait to see what happens! You get a gold star, and I eagerly await future chapters! *stars you*

Author's Response: I\'m glad you like it! I read your review and had to finish up the next chapter for you!!! p.s. I looked at your profile and I have a few House and Doctor Who crosses on fanfic if you\'re interested...