2010.05.30 - 07:18AM
1: Oh, No, Not Again

Oh, and if that guard is actually really coming on to Jack-Jack the orderly, and not just annoying him with lame jokes, than I honestly have no flippin idea who that might be. Unless Jack has been an even worse influence than anyone suspected and it's another version of Jack-Jack after all. ;)

Or you're just messing with us and laughing your head off and it's an OC that we simply can't recognize. In which case - bad, bad author!

Author's Response: There ARE, by his own admission, at least two Jack-Jacks running about during that timeframe, after all... ;)

2010.05.30 - 07:09AM
54: Reel Me In, My Precious Girl

I think I need to draw myself a colour-coded flow-chart or something, because I'm really, really lost right now. ;) Or maybe read all this again when I'm not hungover and feeling a bit less dumb. ;)

Things are complicated enough with ONE Time Lord bouncing around and here you have three of them, with kids on top of that.

Anyway, those guards - one is obviously Rosie, the other one could be pretty much anyone, considering almost all possible suspects don't have the decency to keep the same face for long. ;) Jack-Jack, though? That would explain the skin colour and lame jokes about brothers? ;) Or Tosh's child? That would work even better, especially if Jack-Jack pretending to be the orderly is several years younger than the one who actually fathered the kid. ;) Or even younger than the kid at this point. ;)

See what I mean? Flow-chart.

I'm going to watch "Cold Blood" now, hopefully that won't make my head implode, like this did. ;)

Author's Response: You\'re not the first to ask for a scorecard... Actually, I was. ;)

2010.05.28 - 06:09PM
6: Let's All Have Sex

*Mummy, I have feet!*

"That's great, Rosie, keep it up!"

That has to be one of the most bizarre parent-child conversations in the recorded history. ;)

Author's Response: And the worst part is, it makes perfect sense in the context.... :)

2010.05.28 - 06:03PM
5: Breaking The News

I started laughing somewhere around the fifth line and didn't stop till the end. GREAT chapter!

we always thought you were a man


Author's Response: Yes, even TOSH is Doing It On Purpose at this point... ;)

2010.05.28 - 05:45PM
2: Unnecessary Procedures

So I've reached the next story. See, I'm a fast reader. And may I just say - WooHoo!!!!!!! :) The last DW story I've read before this was heavy like a heap of gravel so this is exactly what I needed. :)

Anyway, great start, poor Jack, and I think the insanity bonus should be permanent for the Torchwood staff. ;)

Author's Response: Heheh, I\'ve produced another addict, I see... ;)

2009.10.02 - 03:18PM
54: Reel Me In, My Precious Girl

Whoa. The timey-wimey-ness (*sighs* Thank you, Moffat, for adding that phrase to the time traveling vernacular) of the story sort of boggles the mind.
Soooo many Doctors… and Jack-Jacks.

Poor Jack. It must be hard to be the dashing, heroic leader when you resemble a beached whale. And there should be a law against mixing guns and hormones.

I was amused by this story up until the end. When you kick into high gear, your stories get really intense! I felt so bad for Jack and how he kept losing Rosie, and missed so much of her early years (sort of.) And the regeneration… thanks for the reminder that I’m going to end up traumatized at the end of this year.

Note to self: stay away from the TARDIS when she decides the Doctor needs heirs.

Author's Response: Trust me, this one gave ME a headache in spots...

2008.11.28 - 11:08PM
21: No, Not The Mind Probe

I haven't read the chapter yet, but I did recognize the chapter title. Mom and Dad Save the World is, like, one of my all-time favorite movies! Woot!

Author's Response: Hehe, the specific quote here is actually an earlier cite from The Five Doctors, though... ;)

2008.11.14 - 11:51PM
54: Reel Me In, My Precious Girl

Fabulous story! I laughed long and loudly at many things, most recently rickrolling UNIT from official Torchwood email. I also loved the explanation for Jack's missing two years.

I'm glad I read your replies to the other reviews, which cleared up my confusion regarding Hart and Future!Jack's intentions nicely. BTW, the mystery guard in Jack's rescue from the morgue was adult!Rosemary, unless I'm badly mistaken.

Author's Response: Weelll, there were *two* guards... ;)

2008.07.13 - 08:36PM
5: Breaking The News

"He still hasn't told us who the alien is," Tosh pointed out.

I thought of Barbara, that Weevil Jack was so fond of at that moment.... :)
This is beyond brilliant!

Author's Response: ...Boy, I really dodged a bullet by shipping all the Weevils away at the end of the previous fic, there... :)

2008.07.08 - 06:45PM
22: (CH3)2C(C6H4OH)2

I love thing story. I couldn't stop cracking up reading this chapter.

Author's Response: Everyone seems to love the \'tasting the toys\' scene, all right... :)

2008.05.31 - 10:58AM
1: Oh, No, Not Again

....a future Jack-Jack? Either that or Tosh's kid.

Author's Response: ;)

2008.05.31 - 10:04AM
54: Reel Me In, My Precious Girl

Oh, I really like this story. I'm sort of new here (so I haven't reviewed before now).... but this really is great.

I had a weird thought about the other guard in chapter 30. I thought either Rose (but that can't be it) or Ace, for some reason.

Author's Response: New victims are always great, glad you liked it!!

2008.05.30 - 07:28PM
30: Lock The Doors And Close The Blinds

Ok, nope, still have no idea who the other one is.

Author's Response: Well, he certainly seemed to annoy Jack-Jack... ;)

2008.05.30 - 04:31PM
54: Reel Me In, My Precious Girl

So Hart and future Jack were attempting to prevent the whole everyone dies, jack get buried alive, gray frozen fubar'd mess?
Guards=Rosie and Martha?
and yeah, two Jacks in one timespace-frame pretty much would equal -censored-

Author's Response: Yup, nope, and I\'ll be in my rack... ;)

2008.05.30 - 01:05PM
54: Reel Me In, My Precious Girl

wait, what? I love the ending, absolutely love it, but which time lord(s) did jack end up getting retconned by, and how did hart figure into the equation? I'm being rather slow on the uptake with this one

Author's Response: Heheh, you\'re not the only one, I\'m starting to think I need to write up a concordance... Hart was working for or with future!Jack during at least most if not all of this operation, trying to get himself out of the mess he was in with Gray in \"Exit Wounds\"! (Since this continuity went AU sometime AFTER \"Kiss Kiss Bang Bang\" and therefore that whole chain of events had already been set in motion...) And present!Jack retconned HIMSELF, on Eleven\'s(?) recommendation, so he wouldn\'t be able to give away details to present!Ten that future!Ten and Eleven obviously hadn\'t had. (And since the Doctor is pretty damn sure what goes on when you have two Jacks in the same room for any length of time, too. :) ) The thing that really surprises me, BTW, is that nobody seems to have picked up on who the second guard in chapter 30 was yet... >;)